Two words

On the Yummy Mummy Club Facebook page, a question was posed: “If you could warn your younger self about anything only using two words, what would you say?“. I absolutely love all the responses so far. And it really made me think about what I’d say to my younger self.

Two words.

Two words to warn my younger self about something. Was there something about which I should be warned? Was there anything I should have avoided? I’m not really sure, but I came up with quite a few things I’d have told my younger self.

Wear sunscreen.
Be brave.
Say no.
Dump him.
Just try.
Don’t smoke.
Speak gently.
Do it.
Don’t fear.
Speak truths.
Travel more.
Write lots.
Remember moments.
Try harder.
Take care.

So many things I’d tell my younger self, at so many different times. I don’t hold many regrets, but oh, just imagine being able to use our current wisdom with our younger selves? Maybe I’d have missed out on too many life-altering events, who knows?

What two words would you say to warn your younger self?

What are the two words you'd say to warn your younger self-

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4 thoughts on “Two words

  1. Actually, not all the ones listed. “Don’t smoke”, “Move body”, “Use brain” and the other two listed before.

  2. I saw the thread this morning too. It’s great. Loving the responses and now your post is just awesome too!

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