Sometimes, just being is hard

What’s going on, world? What are we doing here? Why are we so filled with hate and unhappiness, confusion and loneliness?

I think the saddest part of the human condition is that no matter how connected we may feel, we’re always alone. The only person we can really know is ourselves; we just make guesses about the rest of humanity. From those guesses, we form expectations and opinions, reactions and plans. And so often, we’re let down in monumental ways — each one of those letdowns drips down and builds up like a stalagmite, hard and unforgiving. We lash out and are cruel to one another, and that will serve no good.

There are so many things coming at us from all directions, it’s a wonder there’s joy at all in our world, isn’t it? The world is a scary, scary place. It’s hard to be alone, it’s hard to be together, it’s hard to explain violence, it’s hard to help, it’s hard to understand, it’s hard to have an open heart.

Sometimes, just being is hard.

It’s ok to not be ok, my friends. It’s ok to not be strong all the time, and to feel all the feelings. It’s ok to need time, to pull back and to hide away.

But without love, empathy, compassion, and a desire to improve life, it won’t get better, any of it. It just can’t. We are here together, we need to work together to make this life a happy one for us all.

We can do it. I know we can. Today may be difficult, but tomorrow will be better. Go forth and do all things with love.

(Image credit: Tenlu on Etsy)
(Image credit: Tenlu on Etsy)
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