My Small Joys — By Laura

I’m late to post again! This post for the #BlogSmallJoys series should have gone live yesterday. But with no further delay, I am so pleased to introduce you to Laura!


Laura blogs at Mamahacks and lives in Toronto with her husband and son. She started Mamahacks as a way to share tips and tricks she’s picked up (mostly from other moms) to save time, money and sanity. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.


It’s been a rough couple of weeks in our house.  The Bubs (who will be 19 months in a few days), appears to have entered the terrible twos a few months early. Any little thing – a song on the radio, giving him the wrong thing for his snack, me going to the bathroom – can be the catalyst for a serious meltdown. And to top it off, he’s getting molars.

Although I know the tantrums are totally normal, that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. As a result, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately either walking on eggshells, seriously frustrated, feeling guilty about being frustrated, or just plain exhausted.

So when I saw Alex’s tweet asking for submissions to her #BlogSmallJoys series, I jumped on it. I figured it would be a good way for me to focus on all the great moments over the past couple of weeks…and when I started to really think about it, there have been a lot! Here are 10 of my faves:

-My husband coming home from work with a bouquet of flowers, just because.

-Reading “Where the Wild Things Are” to The Bubs for the first time.

-Finding five bucks in the pocket of a coat I haven’t worn for months.

-Treating myself to a wash and blow dry.

-Playing in the leaves with The Bubs.

-Getting a surprise free birthday coffee at Starbucks.

-Going to the park with no coat on because it was 17 degrees.

-Listening to The Beatles’ “Something” for the first time in ages.

This video…I must teach The Bubs to breakdance.

-Taking the time to reflect on the little things that have made me smile lately – it’s something I don’t do enough!

So these are a few of my small joys…what are yours?


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2 thoughts on “My Small Joys — By Laura

  1. Terrible Twos are very trying! You have my empathy.

    I love your list.

    I love “Something”. Beautiful.

    The Birthday Latte is pure joy! I agree!

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