Just breathe

This is a reminder to myself.

It’s ok that the floors aren’t swept, and that the laundry pile is seemingly growing on its own.

It’s ok that the washrooms aren’t scrubbed and my bedroom floor is covered in my kids’ books and discarded socks.

It’s ok that the sliver of sunshine coming in the window is highlighting the dust on the table.

It’s ok the kids were late for school yesterday and their lunches are not filled with homemade muffins and organic this or that. It’s ok that tonight’s chicken nuggets and fries night. And that maybe it was the same yesterday. And it might be the same tomorrow, too.

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to take a break and sit, and just do absolutely nothing.

It’s ok to make stupid decisions. It’s ok to be unsure.

It’s ok to not want to leave the house. It’s ok to speak up. It’s ok to change my mind.

Sometimes I feel like I never stop running, doing, planning, thinking. Sometimes I just want to flip the switch and make the whole machine slow to a halt so I can catch my breath before taking off running again.

And it’s ok.

I just needed to remind myself to breathe.

In. And then out.

It really is ok.

just breathe

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3 thoughts on “Just breathe

  1. Nice – I think sometimes we have to remind ourselves this. It’s not worth stressing out about little things like this as long as… well one day it all gets done (well – the laundry anyway!)

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