Is Great Wolf Lodge Fun for All Ages?

Is Great Wolf Lodge Fun for All Ages?

YUP! Great Wolf Lodge really is fantastic for kids of all ages. Even babies and toddlers find tons to enjoy.

I was hesitant when we booked the trip thanks to, because I didn’t want to have our younger child disappointed in all he couldn’t do, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to sit in a wading pool all weekend. But wow, were we ever surprised. There are a couple rides that, at 6, our son was too short to ride, but he had an incredible time!

We went there armed with all the very best tips for booking a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, and learned how to save money while there, too. What we didn’t know was what our family would love most of all.

Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls has 16 (yup, SIXTEEN) different water rides/attractions to enjoy, and they’re all fun. Loon Lagoon, the outdoor pool and lounge area, was closed for the season when we went, but I bet it’s a lot of fun in the summer.

Here are our family’s Top Five Fave Rides at Great Wolf Lodge:

5. Beaver & Squirrel Falls
Just because these two littler slides are in the smaller kids’ area doesn’t mean they’re not worth experiencing! We loved repeatedly riding them, and racing our son to the bottom. They’re quick, fun, really fast slides!

4. Woolly Mammoth
This one’s for all ages, and it’s SO FUN. You can all climb into the raft together, and enjoy the high speed slide descent into a giant splash pool at the end. We went on this one at least 15 times, I bet.

3. Niagara Rapids Run
Our son was just about 1/8″ too short for this one, which was too bad, because he would have loved it. It’s basically a water rollercoaster, with twists, turns, and high speed fun. This is the first thing I want to ride on our next trip!

2. Wolf Tail
Wow, this ride is scary. For riders 48″ or taller, it’s about 8 seconds of heart-pounding waterslide action. You step into a tube that closes around you, and a recorded voice counts down from 5 to 1, while a recorded heartbeat sound is played. After just a slight pause from when you expect it to happen, the floor drops out from under you and you’re suddenly falling straight down. Terrifying. And amazing. Our ten-year-old loved it SO MUCH. But none of her friends would ride it.

1. Canada Vortex
We called this one the Toilet Bowl, which got no end of giggles from our six-year-old son all weekend long. We loved it because it’s fast, fun, and all four of us are able to ride it. The adrenaline rush of the initial slide is exhilarating, and the spinning around the bowl is great fun.

You know what? We’ve already booked our next trip, too. It was that amazing.

Have fun!

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