How do great moms do it all?

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3 thoughts on “How do great moms do it all?

  1. where is this information coming from that these great moms exist and do it all? we don’t. we do pieces of it super fantastic at different times. but not all of the time. when i’m doing great at work, my house is a mess and vice versa. when i’m partying with my kids, work emails pile up. but in between there is a semblance of balance…

    1. Exactly. Nobody is doing it “all”, but when we do what we CAN, it’s more than enough. It’s so sad that people have these pinterest-y ideas of what other moms are doing. Ridiculous. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine ANYWHERE.

  2. Agreed. I am a firm believer that every mom loves her child the best way she knows how. Once people learn to stop judging themselves, they will naturally stop judging one another.

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