Feature Friday: Running to Bake

Welcome to my very first Feature Friday post! I’ve decided that once a week, I’ll profile a blog, blogger or post I really love, since there are so many people out there whose posts I love sharing. For my inaugural feature, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Lisa of Running to Bake. Lisa is the most annoying combination of smart, kind, gorgeous, talented and funny. Oh, and? She can bake! Ohhh, can she bake. Her blog got its title from her desire to eat everything she bakes… she runs off the treats! You’ll love her.

Lisa’s ‘nuts look amaaaazing


Today she’s sharing a recipe for baked donuts that I’ll absolutely be making this weekend. Since I do not run off the treats, my butt will be thanking her for the extra padding, I’m sure.



Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend, everyone!



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5 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Running to Bake

  1. By the way (I know this is irrelevant to your post), how have Story and Mason been? Are they excited about starting school again?

    Let me guess… Story’s going into gr. 2 and Mason’s going into Junior Kindergarten.


  2. No, but I have been looking at your Twitter. One favour to ask: Please don’t tell anyone about me (this “flower” person) for privacy reasons. Thank you.

    1. Privacy? Your email address is invalid and you use the name “flower”, I think that’s pretty private. Your IP address, however, is not private.

  3. Sorry if I am stalking too much. 🙁
    Like I said, I like seeing your blog AND your Twitter.


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