Zippy Zipfy: Thanks, Mastermind Toys!

I’m not a fan of the winter, that’s well-known, but this year has been the Winter of Fun around our house. So much snow! We’ve spent as much time out there enjoying it as we can. We are really lucky to live just two minutes’ walk from a great tobogganing hill and thanks to Mastermind Toys, we’ve been having some seriously zippy fun on the hill.

For Christmas 2011, Santa brought a Zipfy luge sled to Story. He was kind enough to give her the larger of the two options so that her mom and dad can also enjoying flying down the hills at top speed. It’s awesome. Finding something the whole family loves to do, and can do without great struggle is fantastic. But with four to our family, and only one Zipfy, you can imagine the tension. So this year, when Mastermind Toys asked if we’d like to review the Zipfy Junior Mini Luge, we jumped at the chance!

Adorable, right?

The sleds are ergonomically designed for great comfort and ease of use. While my rear end is too big for the Junior version, the regular one is great for kids and adults alike. They’re also lightweight, meaning parents aren’t stuck lugging heavy sleds up those steep hills. The Junior is so perfect for the under-five crowd, Mason (three years old) can carry it himself. And at six years old, Story has no difficulty carrying her full-sized one at all. There are straps to pull them alone, as well, but we don’t have those (note to self: get those).

A *very* pleased little guy with his own Zipfy!

Because of the design, it’s very stable, resulting in very few (if any) tumbles. Mason can safely travel down the hill all on his own. He loves this, since obviously at three years old, he thinks he’s capable of doing whatever his big sister can do. And now he can!

We also love that Zipfy is a Canadian company, how cool is that? And if all that hasn’t got you convinced, take a look at this giant list of awards for Zipfy. Amazing. They’re a really great innovation and a well-made, sturdy product.

We’ve probably had six sleds in six years, and not one of them can hold a candle to the Zipfy, especially at this price. Mastermind Toys sells the Zipfy Junior for just $29.95 and the full-sized one for $39.95. And with all the colour options and new patterns, there’s one for every sledder’s style.

And hey, GTA, there’s some more snow coming your way tonight, so why not run out to pick up a Zipfy to enjoy it before the Spring arrives? Have fun, I know we will!



Disclosure: As always, this review is of a product I truly love, or I’d never consider writing about it. As compensation for writing an honest review, I was given one Zipfy Junior as detailed above. My opinions can’t be bought. 🙂

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