Your Resolutions Suck, But This Will Help

My Facebook timeline is full of people heading to the gym for the first time, trying detox programs, and complaining about the serious lack of chocolate in kale salads. I get it: it’s January and everyone wants to make those resolutions stick. Everyone wants to lose weight, get fit, be healthier. . . but most of us fail before February even hits. Why is that? It’s because we’re all looking for quick fixes.

How come I haven’t lost 10lbs after three spin classes? Why do I binge on Ruffles after the kids go to sleep? How come I hate myself by February 1st because I can never stick to these things?

It’s ok, I get it. I have big goals, too. In fact, last October I set a goal to lose 40lbs and gain strength and flexibility, so I know a little something about lofty goals. It wasn’t so much about the weight as it was about getting fitter, but the numbers still mattered to me. And it felt incredibly daunting. I’m lazy by nature (not to be confused with Naughty By Nature, because I’m not down with O.P.P.), and I really, really love eating, so it all felt pretty overwhelming at first.

I took baby steps. I joined the gym, and figured out what I enjoyed there. (And boy, do I ever love it! I seriously adore my gym time.) And I tackled our family’s diet, too. It’s not that we eat poorly, it’s that my snack habits were a little untethered. I needed some structure and guidance on how to fill myself up sufficiently. That’s when Stacey Green’s program came into my life.

Stacey GreenLiving‘s site is a fantastic resource for eating healthily but not needing to fake some kind of clandestine love affair with lettuce. I mean, seriously, her recipes are fantastic, and even my kids love them. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Stacey has the education and the experience to help reset your diet and help make lifestyle changes that are sustainable. When she asked if I would give her Ctrl+Alt+DelEAT Healthy Living Reset program a shot, I jumped at the chance and you know why? Because it had absolutely nothing to do with fad dieting, strict dietary restrictions, or cleansing.

Ctrl+Alt+DelEAT isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change that'll actually work for you. No BS.

Not only am I not down with O.P.P., I’m also not down with dieting or setting myself up for failure. As I enter my 40s, I am concerned about future health and maintaining what I’ve got, so I want to be able to do that with a solid, delicious, satisfying diet that feeds my body what it needs as I’m strengthening it. I really hate that hungry feeling. I hate those stupid cravings. I hate feeling like I’m failing myself when I eat.

Ctrl+Alt+DelEat alleviated all that stress for me.

There is simply no short cut, no magic pill, and no quick way to achieve optimal health

Fitness resolutions suck because we feel so much pressure to see results, and feel better, and we jump at all these fads in the hopes one of them works. Of course if you drink nothing but beet juice for a week, you’ll lose weight. And then what? You’ll gain it all back when you start eating like a human again, because it’s just not sustainable.

I loved that it was just a four-week commitment, and I’m happy to say that the stuff I learned was easily carried forward once the program ended. (And ok, I admit that losing 6lbs that month was pretty fantastic, too.) Each week presented me with small, actionable steps to making larger changes that my whole family has benefited from. It was encouraging, positive and healthy, and now, many months later, I’m maintaining the habits formed then, and I’m doing really well on reaching my fitness and health goals.

Let Stacey Green walk you through her incredible Ctrl+Alt+DelEAT program to change your lifestyle and reach your health goalsThat’s why I didn’t make those kinds of resolutions for this year. Thanks to Ctrl+Alt+DelEat, I don’t need to anymore. I’m feeling really great with the changes I made because honestly, it’s easy to follow once you’ve reset your lifestyle. I don’t crave stuff the way I used to, and I’ve learned what really sustains me. That doesn’t mean I don’t stuff my face with chicken wings, it just means that I know when to stop. 😉

If you’re honestly looking to make healthy, solid changes, I encourage you to give Ctrl+Alt+DelEAT a try. Take a look at what the modules are all about, to see if it’s something you’d like to purchase.

Jan 11th Facebook Post

(Disclosure: I was not paid to write this post, but I was one of the program “guinea pigs” and gave it a try free of charge, back in the fall. I legitimately loved it, and think it’s an excellent start point for everyone looking to make positive health changes.)

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