You Know What’s Awesome?

Sometimes, when I’m tired of working and need a break, I look through old photos — they always make me so happy. It’s awesome how those memories can fill me up and change my mood.

You know what else is awesome? The view from my parents’ house. It makes me feel so happy just thinking about it. Here’s their view:

You Know What's Awesome-
Looking through those photos started my mind on a roll thinking about all the things I think are awesome. Here are 30 of the ones off the top of my head.

– reading a book you just can’t put down
– writing something you’re proud of
– fuzzy socks on a chilly day
– fresh underwear
– hot tea
– warm sunshine
macro shots of snails
– fresh cut flowers
– the perfect cardigan
– the smell of rain on pavement
– perfect blue skies
– sleeping kids
– hugs from my kids
Joseph Gordon Levitt on Jimmy Kimmel
– laughing
– walks in the forest
– road trips
– being near the ocean
– the ice cream at Berkey Creamery
– twitter
– planning fun trips to amazing places
– giving compliments
– naps
– hammocks
– naps in hammocks
– beach sand
– soft cotton pajamas
– jeans that fit just right
– winking
– swimming in a lake

Thinking about all the things I think are awesome has put me in a great mood. It’s amazing what a little positive thinking can do. Come join me on Twitter and tell me #whatsawesome to you.

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2 thoughts on “You Know What’s Awesome?

  1. I think those snail pictures are beyond AWESOME!!! Totally going to show those to my son who is a big fan of snails (and was late for school more than once after a heavy rainfall because he had to save them by removing them from the sidewalk to the grass so they wouldn’t be stepped on).

  2. So much awesome! It’s everywhere.

    It really is the little things – as is proved by the wicked awesome snails!!

    Great post! No.


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