Welcome to I Don’t Blog, where I most definitely do.

I don’t do a lot of things, in the same way that I don’t blog: I don’t love great food, I don’t love a solid debate, I don’t love to travel. . . you get the drift. 😉

I’ve been oversharing online since ’99. Many of you have been following me since then, and I am honoured to have made so many friends across the globe thanks to blogging. I have the very best audience, and I’m thankful to each and every person who reads my words, because it’s that connection that gives me life.

I am a proud INFJ — look it up — with degrees in English, Sociology, and Business. I love psychology, and spend an inordinate amount of time learning about how humans tick. Above all, I am passionate. This is a trait I carry in all aspects of my life, so how does that relate to you?

I AM FOR HIRE! I write sentimental cards to your loved ones, engaging blog content for your company, I write letters to exes and cover letters for jobs. I write thank you cards to your friends, and I can help get those emotions in your head down onto paper. I do not write sponsored content on my own blog anymore, though. Come see me on Facebook, or email me at alexandriawrites@gmail.com for help. 

I’m an award-winning writer, curator of stories for the #ShowMeYourBrave project, speaker, blogger, and I was the well-known allergy writer for Yummy Mummy Club (until my son was cleared of all food allergies — hooray!). I also work as a project manager at a graphic design firm, now that my kids aren’t attached to my hips.

My lifeblood is connection through writing  — whether that’s engaging marketing copy, or emotional personal essays that connect with people and give meaning to life’s experiences, emotional resonance is my goal.

Other Places to Find My Work

Huffington Post
Flight Network
• Was a regular contributor to The Baby Post
• Was a regular contributor to Urban Moms
• “Irritated by Allergies” blog over at Yummy Mummy Club
• Was a regular contributor to DrDina.ca

Here are some of my most popular articles:

I Was Sideswiped by my Own Divorce, for UrbanMoms

I’m Going Back to the Office After a Ten Year Hiatus and I Couldn’t Be Happier, for UrbanMoms

4 Reasons You Must Visit Newfoundland, for Flight Network

This is Why I Stand Naked in Front of the Mirror, for UrbanMoms

Brows on Fleek Could Come with a Side of Hep C, for Huffington Post

I Believe in Science So I Immunize my Kids, for Huffington Post

#IBelieveSurvivors: This is My Story, for SheKnows

Ain’t No Shame in the Marriage Counseling Game, for TheBabyPost

How My Family Sleeps is No One’s Business, one of TheBabyPost’s most popular posts of 2015

Living Through Miscarriage, winner of the Yummy Mummy Club‘s Voices of Motherhood contest 

How this mom’s journey to learn her own adoption story has shaped her view of what it means to be a family. 1000 Families Project: Alex, Story and Mason

In the Self Esteem Business: Glama Gal Tween Spa Motivates Franchisees and Clients, for Canadian Franchising

Surviving Pregnancy After Loss, for TheBabyPost

Separating “Me” from Mommy, for TheBabyPost

The Soul-Sucking Life of a Stay-at-home-mother, for TheBabyPost

Five Surefire Ways to Make Friends at 40, for UrbanMoms

The Real Reason Printing Photos Matters, for TheBabyPost

My Son’s Wings, chosen as one of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year 2012 

Why You Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Family, for UrbanMoms

Bye Bye Junk, Hello Book Nook, for TorontoMomNow (Just Junk program)

De-clutter Your Garage, Gain Storage Spacefor TorontoMomNow (Just Junk program)

How is a Kleenex Like a Hug? for BestHealthMag.ca

15 Ways to Minimize Distracted Driving, for CAA

All Aboard! Thomas Trackmaster Trains, for TreehouseTV and iVillage

Secret Agent Parent: A Safety Precaution or Helicopter Parenting? — for Yummy Mummy Club — also published online and in print at Metro.

Do you let your kids play with toy guns? — for Today’s Parent in print and online
No, I don’t let my kids play with toy guns

A New Balance Point — for Barbie, I Can Be Campaign

Why are kids dying in hot cars? — for amotherworld, lifestyle and parenting magazine for women

Kids are gross — for amotherworld, lifestyle and parenting magazine for women

Are online friends real friends? — for amotherworld, lifestyle and parenting magazine for women

They Call Us Extreme Parents — for amotherworld, lifestyle and parenting magazine for women

Does this stroller make my kid look fat? — for amotherworld, lifestyle and parenting magazine for women

Celebs & Plastic Surgery — for amotherworld, lifestyle and parenting magazine for women

Let’s talk about sex, baby — for amotherworld, lifestyle and parenting magazine for women

You’re a mom. You’re an entrepreneur. Are you a mompreneur? — for Wave Accounting

On Camera:

•  Dyson commercial
• Regular DIY expert on Daytime Durham Region (segments on glow-in-the-dark Halloween crafts,  Christmas gifts, household hacks, DIY wedding favours)

Alex on the radio:

#ShowMeYourBrave, on What She Said Radio
The Search for a Birth Family, on The New Family podcast
• The absurdity of a “hypoallergenic peanut”, a chat on 570News
What it’s like parenting an allergic kid, conversation with Shirley Broback on CFAX 1070
Keeping kids cool in the summer, with WBAL 1090

You can find me, Alex on TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn, or in my office, coffee in hand at all times.

I love working with brands and organizations that are a good fit, so please feel free to connect: alexandriawrites@gmail.com

Let’s chat soon!

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