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Sometimes I feel so grateful for the life I have that I worry something big will come along and swipe it all away. Yesterday, while chatting with my Dad, he said, “You could fall backwards into an outhouse and come out smelling like roses“, which totally made me laugh. I live what my father calls a “charmed life”. Some others call it lucky. Some call it blessed.

I grew up in a small, happy suburban home with two parents who love me, and each other (my parents are celebrating 44 years of marriage in a couple weeks, actually). I did well enough in school, had some decent friends, and was always able to find work as a teen saving money for university. I got accepted into my university of choice and completed two degrees I enjoyed. There I met the man I’d later marry, and after eight years together, we got married, moved out of Toronto to the ‘burbs, had a couple kids and moved again.

I guess I am lucky. I’m lucky I was adopted by two incredible people who gave me a solid foundation for my life. I’m lucky I worked so hard to put myself through university, and that I had the support of that good set of role models. I’m lucky I had strength to get me through tough times, and the ability to find silver linings in even the darkest clouds. It isn’t that I haven’t had bad things happen to me. I definitely have. It’s that I have chosen to move through those times, seeking better times on the other side.

I’m lucky I’m still able to work hard to contribute financially to my family through this blog, and my allergy blog, and seeking other writing gigs and income opportunities. I’m lucky I’ve got amazing friends that surround me, inspire and support me.

Most of all, I am thankful. I am so very thankful for every person in my life. I’m thankful for the opportunities and challenges alike. I’m thankful that even when my heart has been torn out and crushed that we’ve come out the other side intact. I’m so thankful that my family is safe, that I have my parents, and that we have our health.

I hope that you, too, are thankful for all life’s beauty and goodness, because I promise that no matter how difficult it is to find, just the fact that you’re able to still seek it means it’s still there.

sunsetHappy Thanksgiving, my Canadian friends.

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2 thoughts on “With thanks

  1. “I’m lucky I was adopted by two incredible people who gave me a solid foundation for my life.”

    On this point I will agree with you wholeheartedly. On most of the rest, I think it’s a matter of being rewarded for your hard work…and generally high level of awesome (though that may go back to your parents & that solid foundation).

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