Winter, shminter

You guys, I cannot stand winter. I was born and raised here in Ontario, Canada and I can legitimately say that I’ll never learn to love the cold weather. In an effort to hate it less, however, I decided that this year I’d learn to downhill ski. My husband’s a skier, my kids started last year, so why not?

I bit the bullet and purchased new skis, boots, a helmet and all the other junk I need to hop on the hills and . . . there’s no freaking snow. None. This is my extremely unhappy face.

This is what the forecast looks like in my ‘hood:

winter shminterHow is it even possible to learn to love a season that hurts my face and doesn’t have any reason to get me outside? I mean, sure, it’s sunny, and that’s fantastic, but this cold just isn’t for me.

What’s the weather like where you live this week? If it’s warm, I hope you have a spare room because I’m coming to live with you.

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