Winner of the “Win a Ticket to BlissDom Canada” contest!

This is it! The moment you’ve all (and by all, I mean four people out there) been waiting for! The votes were all tallied by me, and each entrant was assigned a range of numbers corresponding to the number of votes received.  Look! I did that all by hand, people:

Remember this stuff? Paper? A pen? A calculator? (Even my keyboard is hilariously old school.)

There were more than 300 votes for the four of you; if you’re interested in knowing the vote breakdown, please let me know. The more votes placed, the better the chances of being chosen in the random draw. (And this meant I didn’t have to make the hard decision of choosing a winner myself, I left it up to the universe. If the universe is a RNG, of course.)

With the range assigned, I headed over to and inputted the numbers. One easy clickety-click and it generated #291 which means… are you ready? selected #291

Congratulations to Coleen of Thyroid Cancer: It’s NOT the good kind!
(It seems a little weird congratulating someone with that blog title, but there it is.)

I wish I could send you all to BlissDom Canada this year, you’re all such incredibly talented people. And if you need help finding ways to get yourself there, let me know. I’d stand behind each of you!

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