*~CLOSED~* Win These Delicious New Kellogg’s Products!

*~CLOSED~* Win These Delicious New Kellogg’s Products!

Look, I’ll take any help I can get when choosing convenience foods that are healthier options to feed my family, and I am really liking what Kellogg’s is doing these days: focussing on real, visible ingredients. Limiting artificial ingredients means I don’t have to feel guilty about how convenient these products are, too.

Mornings are rushed around here, and it’s nice to know that I can grab a pre-packaged snack for everyone that’s on the healthier end of the spectrum.

New Kellogg's products are delicious AND healthy!
I’m already a huge fan of granola, so the new Nourish line is right up my alley. Combine that with some Greek yogurt and frozen blueberries and I’m the happiest snacker ever. And since it’s pretty difficult to get fibre into my kids’ diets, the new All-Bran flavours thrill me, because the kids LOVE the All-Bran Multi-Grain Crunch cereal (phew). It’s got a touch of maple to make it juuuuuust right.

Also, ketchup Pringles? Ermagherd, derlershus.

And I want you to try them all, too, so I’ve got this awesome prize to give to one lucky winner. Just enter below to win:

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