*~giveaway closed~* Win a Wee Bit o’ Magic From the Irish Fairy Door Company

*~giveaway closed~* Win a Wee Bit o’ Magic From the Irish Fairy Door Company


Our daughter has always had fairy friends. They visit her in our garden, leaving Found Things, and notes. Both our kids believe in the magic of fairies, and look for signs that they’ve been around — our garden is full of little homes and decorations, welcoming fairies. When we were sent a pretty little fairy door from The Irish Fairy Door Company, the kids were delighted. Imagine! A fairy who would live inside our home!?

They eagerly opened the door and read all the information. There’s a magic key! They told me. We can’t catch the fairy, because that’s dangerous for them. They said excitedly.

So we’ve set the door up in a quiet space between the kids’ rooms, and have been waiting a couple nights for our special friend to arrive — but nope, the notes the kids left haven’t been taken, and there’s no sign of a new resident here. They’re a little disappointed, but I told them that perhaps the fairy hadn’t found us yet?

Today our daughter realized that the special Lease Agreement hadn’t been signed — that must be why our new fairy hasn’t moved in! So she signed the lease, and left it out next to the door. The magic key is there, the clothesline is hung, and tonight, our daughter lost a tooth! A molar, at that. That’s a big deal you know. It’s sure to bring the new fairy friend to our home.


She’s placed her tooth in her special pillow in bed, and now she waits. Will the new fairy move in tonight?


I can’t wait to see the kids run to the door in the morning to find out if the fairy has come. The kids have already registered their fairy, and are excited for the weekly missions. And both of them have loved reading the fairy facts.

It’s a special thing, to believe in fairy magic, and I hope to foster that belief as long as we can. Life’s better with a little magic, don’t you think?

I’d love to share the magic with your family, so I’ve got one Irish Fairy Door Company door, and a clothesline (like the ones we have in our picture up there) to give to one lucky winner.

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