Win a ticket to BlissDom Canada: FINAL FOUR!

You know how whenever people enter a contest, those running it say stuff like, “Wow! It was so hard to choose! You’re all SO amazing!”? Well, I’m going to say that, too. The entries into this little contest to win a conference ticket to BlissDom Canada were heartfelt, and it was a pleasure reading them all. I had to ask friends unrelated to the Twitter and blogging world to choose the final four because, honestly, I wasn’t able to do it alone. So to those friends who think my online life is nuts, but helped me anyway, I thank you! But you’ll never know that since you don’t read my blog. Heh heh heh.

Before I announce the final four, I’d like to post some revised dates. Since I was (very) behind in posting these four finalists, the timeline needs adjusting. Next steps:

5. The four semi-finalists’ names/blog URLs will be posted on my blog ( on August 6 9, 2012 by 12:00pmEDT 8pmEDT.

6. Semi-finalists will be asked to post their full entries (as submitted) on their own blogs on August 10, 2012 by 12:00pmEDT. Finalists will have to email me a link to the post (also by noon, EDT) directly on their blogs so they can be linked to from and identified numerically for voting purposes.

7. Semi-finalists’ entries will then be voted upon at (i.e. Voters will leave a comment stating something like, “I vote for #2!”.)

8. Voting will close on August 13, 2012 at 11:59pmEDT. This means any comments placed after this time will not be considered as votes.

9. Every vote placed for an entrant gives them an entry into a random draw. Each vote as it comes in will be recorded and assigned a number privately. We will use to pick a number and the corresponding numbered vote will be the winner! Winner will be announced on August 14, 2012 before 12:00pmEDT.

Without further blather and in no particular order, here are the four finalists in the running for a free ticket to BlissDom Canada!

#1. Ria of Roasted Keyboard and riatarded

#2. Cynthia of Cynthia Hill Books and Cyn for Prime Minister

#3. Laura of Mommy Miracles

#4. Coleen of Snip-Its of Me and Thyroid Cancer: It’s NOT the good kind

Congratulations, and thanks for entering, everyone!


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