*~ CLOSED~* Win a Maplelea Dolls Hoodie for Your Doll and You!

When I was a little girl, dolls were my favourite playthings. I adored my sweet Cabbage Patch Kids, and had a sizeable Barbie collection. I even tenderly cared for the porcelain dolls my mother had played with as a child. So when I had a daughter of my own, I was excited to relive all these warm memories with her. As it turned out, my daughterย is no fan of dolls. When I gifted her with my Barbies, she declared them “creepy”. The Cabbage Patch Kids were thrown into the back corner of her closet.

Most disappointing for me, though, was the fact that we’d never have a Maplelea doll in our house (unless, wait a minute… unless I buy one for myself!). I adore these dolls. There are seven Canadian girls from different regions across the country, each with a strong, smart, adventurous personality (and some seriously incredible accessories, too). These dolls would have been my absolute favourite as a kid.

Win a matching hoodie for your Canadian girl and her Maplelea doll at IDontBlog.ca

What I really love about the dolls is that they’ve been made to “make a difference in the lives of Canadian girls by providing age-appropriate dolls and activity products that promote creative play and health, active lifestyles, while fostering a love and interest in Canadian culture, heritage and geography“. I mean, how perfect is that? Just looking at them gives me such a warm feeling.

When I recently met with the marketing manager of Maplelea, I also got to feel the dolls, and see just how incredibly well made they are. But these aren’t dolls to sit on a display shelf — they’re made to be loved and played with. They want to join your daughter on her most fun adventures. They want to experience her life right alongside her. They want to score the winning shot at hockey, camp under the summer stars, and canoe along a river. These dolls are everything you want your daughter to love.

So, despite the fact that we’ll never have them in our house, I sure hope you have the chance to have them in yours. And since we can’t use the adorable Maplelea “Strong and free” doll outfit we were generously given, I would like to give it away to one of you!

WIN a Maplelea Canadian Girl doll outfit and a matching hoodie for you at IDontBlog.ca!

In addition to the Maplelea doll outfit I have to give away, Maplelea is generously offering a matching hoodie for your daughter, isn’t that amazing? I think one of these dolls would make wonderful gifts for the upcoming holiday season, don’t you?

Enter to win:

(hint: you’ll want to check out the dolls HERE before answering!)

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45 thoughts on “*~ CLOSED~* Win a Maplelea Dolls Hoodie for Your Doll and You!

  1. We have Lexie, the Toronto doll who loves gymnastics and graphic design. Maplea dolls are amazing. They have some fantastic back stories and the clothes and accessories are beautifully made. Alex, I totally think you should by one for yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My daughter already has Charlesea on the Dear Santa letter in her mind. As a matter of fact, just last night when I asked her a very tough question – If you could only have one thing on your letter to Santa this year what would it be? – she stood very, very still, thought for a minute, said “Oh that’s a toughie!” and then very matter of factly said, “Charlesea. Yep. Charlesea.” I love these dolls. They are completely Canadian and utterly adorable.

  3. We love Charlsea. We are all about dolls here and I’m pretty sure if Jo wasn’t into them I would have some of my own lol. I usually get her two of most dolls so I can play too lol

  4. My niece would love Charlsea. She’d a huge doll lover so she’d be happy with any of them!

  5. I think my daughter would like to have Alexi , her hair is long just like my daughter .. and my girls name is Alexis lol

  6. I know it’s crazy, but we have all the dolls! I have been so impressed with all the details as well as the quality from Maplelea

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