Wiggle it, just a little bit

Wiggle it, just a little bit

First, let me apologize for getting that horrific song stuck in your head. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, definitely don’t click this link to find out. (But if you do, check out that ginormous ghetto blaster in the beginning of the video! Remember those? Ha!)

Last week, I won a family pass from @indigogreenroom on Twitter to see The Wiggles live in Toronto. To enter, you had to come up with a name for a kids’ musical group. I tweeted, “Dessert for Dinner” (awesome band name, right?), and lo and behold, I was a winner a few days later. Let’s just say I was pretty excited. (It had nothing to do with how handsome any of The Wiggles are, of course.) And to make the prize even sweeter? We also won the opportunity to meet them prior to the show. As a parent of two kids under six, it’s probably not even required for me to detail exactly how exciting this was to my family. The Wiggles have been around for 21 years (can you even believe that?) and this is the final tour of the original members, as Jeff, Murray and Greg have decided it’s time to “hand over the Purple, Red and Yellow skivvies” and spend more time at home.

When we met them, Greg asked how old Mason is, and when his birthday is. Mason said he turns three “on Deesemmer seckon” and Greg lit right up. He said he has a little girl at home who turned three in October. I said, “It must be so hard being far from your family” and he said, “Yes, so hard”. I said, “At least it’s almost over, right? You must be happy for that part.” And his reply? A great, big, warm smile and, “Yes. VERY.” So while I’m sad that this is the last hurrah for those original members, it gives me great happiness to know these guys are heading home to spend quality time with their families. And from the show we saw, I can tell you that your kids are going to absolutely adore the new members who will be joining Anthony!

It was incredible to watch my kids as they danced along to the songs, laughed at the jokes, and sang along. This was even more remarkable coming from Story, who at six already felt like this was a show just for her little bro. She loved it. And we enjoyed it, too. The Wiggles really do put on a great show, full of singable tunes and fun dancing, while sneaking in learning for the littles. We like that. And meeting them just reinforced our already-positive feelings about the quality of this entertainment for our kids. These are the kinds of memories we love having with our kids, and I think they’ll remember, too. We’re so grateful to @indigogreenroom for this experience.

If you can’t make it out to one of the live Wiggles shows, fear not! On October 20th and 21st, Toons for Toddlers is hosting an exclusive 60-minute screening of The Wiggles’ Big Birthday! in Toronto, Ottawa, London, Coburg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, and Vancouver. (and psst… they’re giving you a sneak peak of Dino Dan, too!) A full list of information on times and locations is available HERE.

What I love about Toons for Toddlers is that they reduce the volume and dim lights (as opposed to having them off completely) to create a calmer, more comfortable environment for the little ones while they watch their favourite movies. We generally avoid the cinema with Mason because his ears are too sensitive for the regular booming audio, and frankly his attention span too short for most movies (we’d be lucky if he lasted through the previews, to be honest). Toons for Toddlers understands this, and they make sure families have a blast. (Including giving each child a small gift, like stickers or colouring sheets, after each movie.)

Tickets are only $6 each (with babes in arms being free), and if we were in town that weekend, we’d absolutely be attending the Toronto screening. If you’ve got Wiggly fans, this is a great venue to enjoy this super fun movie. We truly love The Wiggles.

Story telling a story, The Wiggles intently listening




Disclaimer: When I had Story, I attended a few of the Movies for Mommies screenings (and loved them!), which is the brainchild of the same people behind Toons for Toddlers. For this post (the part about the screening, not the prior bit), I will be paid, but all content and opinions are absolutely my own. I don’t spread the love for stuff I don’t genuinely love. 😉

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