*~GIVEAWAY CLOSED~* Why I Went Fuzz-Free at Fuzz Wax Bar Whitby

*~GIVEAWAY CLOSED~* Why I Went Fuzz-Free at Fuzz Wax Bar Whitby

When I was about 10 years old, a friend of mine said I had legs hairier than his Dad’s. I tried to wear it as a badge of honour, but the truth was, I always hated my hairy legs. I started shaving my legs then, and was so embarrassed, I didn’t tell my Mom until I took a chunk of skin off the back of my ankle that was so large, I tried to peel it off the razor and replace it on my bleeding leg (didn’t work, FYI). In grade 10, the kid sitting next to me in chemistry said he’d never, “seen so many follicles on a leg!” and I wanted to crawl under the desk and die. From such an early age, it’s been a Battle of the Prickles for me and my legs (soon followed by my underarms and bikini line).

Look, I’m no yeti, but I’ve got my fair share of hair. I used to have gorgeous thick brows (until the 90s plucking craze made them nearly non-existent), and I’ve got thick, beautiful hair on my head. . . so it stands to reason that the other hairy bits are, well, hairy. And I’m certainly not against other people going au naturel, but it’s not my preference. And so I have tried laser hair removal (unsuccessful and expensive), and a multitude of other options, finally relying on daily shaving. I can shave in the morning and have prickles by dinner time, it sucks.

When Fuzz Wax Bar opened in Whitby, I took note. I’ve followed them on Twitter for ages, and loved the idea that hair removal is their only service. They offer the best, quickest services at great prices, and I’ve really loved watching the business grow into franchise locations. It’s a cool Canadian company!

I wavered for a long time about visiting Fuzz. I had my legs waxed elsewhere just once, and it wasn’t a positive experience. The nail salon (omg, why did I think it was a smart idea to get waxing done at a cheap nail place?) tech double-dipped the stick in the wax (a HUGE no-no. . . Hep C, anyone?), and left my sensitive skin red, raw and painful. So I watched Fuzz longingly from afar, wondering if they’d be right for me.

Fuzz Whitby offers waxing services with ease

The products at Fuzz Whitby are as fantastic as the service

Fuzz Whitby is welcoming and clean - read more at IDontBlog

When I finally took the plunge, I took it in a B-I-G way: I basically went fuzz-free from pits to toes. Underarms, full legs, and yup, I had a full Brazilian.

Now, let me back up a second here. I hate being exposed, and the idea of sharing my nudie nether regions with a complete stranger had my anxiety on high alert. I can’t even look my OB/GYN in the eye, and I’m always embarrassed getting pedicures, forget someone inspecting the hairs on my. . . y’know. . . Just looking at all the fit, youthful people on their website had me feeling waaaaay out of my comfort zone, but from the moment I walked into Fuzz, I felt comfortable. Big, warm smiles greet you at the door, and cheeky products and quotes don’t hurt, either. It makes it all seem casual and friendly, and totally normal to be getting de-fuzzed by a stranger.

Fuzz Whitby is beautiful and clean, bright and it smells oh-em-gee amazing in there. The staff is really welcoming, and it’s honestly never embarrassing at all. (Even when you’re holding your own butt cheeks apart, or holding your legs up with a towel so someone can tear the hairs from your bits-n-pieces.) I promise. If I can do it, anyone can.

Fuzz products are soothing, luxurious, and help keep nasty ingrown hairs awayThe products they use (in-house brand) are fantastic, too.

I’ve always been really prone to ingrown hairs, but with regular use, I’m seeing a difference with their line.

Everyone should buy their skin perfecting body scrub, whether you’re waxing or not, because it’s the best I’ve used in my life. It leaves skin so soft, but not greasy or oily. Did I mention the amazing smell?

The skin hydrating body lotion is thick and absorbs quickly — I’m so impressed with this line of products!

What I love most about waxing isn’t just the smoothness following it (although that’s absolutely dreamy to me), it’s that when the hair does grow back, it’s not blunt like when you shave, it’s a fresh baby hair, so it’s softer and tapered, meaning stubble is less prickly. There’s less chance of ingrown hairs, and I don’t have armpit shadow every evening. Now, I’m not sure I’ll keep up the Brazilian (ok, I admit it, it’s totally weird for me being completely hair-free down there), but I’m 100% on board for regular bikini waxes, and it was FANTASTIC being on vacation and not shaving. They have memberships if you’re a dedicated waxer (which REALLY cut down on their already reasonable pricing), too.

If my daughter ever decides she’d like to remove her hair, I’d definitely encourage her to wax instead of shaving. Over time, hair growth is drastically reduced, and the hard wax that Fuzz uses is gentle on the skin, which is fantastic for those of us with hyper-sensitive skin.

When you check in for your appointment at Fuzz, you’re taken to a bright, clean room and given a teeny-tiny towel. If you’re going full monty like I did, I suggest wearing a tank top so you’re not fully naked, but that’s totally up to you. The staff has, of course, seen it all, and whatever your comfort level is, they work with it. You freshen up with some baby wipes they provide, undress, and place the towel over your bits for privacy. Hilarious, really, since if you’re getting a Brazilian like I did, you’re about to have absolutely NO privacy whatsoever.

Yup, I waxed that at Fuzz Wax Bar in Whitby
I had a full leg wax done, despite not having a lot happening above the knee, and omg it was fantastic. When they say full leg, they mean FULL LEG. From the hips to the toes, everything is smooth as silk.

When Fuzz Wax Bar says full leg they mean FULL leg
If you follow me on Twitter, you know I constantly tweet about my Fuzz Wax Bar love, and now I’d like to spread (heh, no pun intended) the love to you.

One lucky reader will win a $25 Fuzz Wax Bar gift card, from me.

Ladies and gents are welcome to enjoy being aerodynamic like I am, so be sure to enter to win!

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