Who takes care of Mommy?

I’m a preparation junkie – I’ve got day trips (and road trips, for that matter) down to a science. I know just what to pack to ensure everyone is happy. Safe snacks for the allergy-riddled 18-month-old, fun activities for the 4.5-year-old, sunblock, towels, bandaids, whatever. You name it, I think of it. They’re always taken care of. I make sure my husband has food for work lunches, that he takes his vitamins, and gets his hair cut regularly. I do the laundry, clean the house, buy the kids’ wardrobes, grocery shop, take care of the (stupid) cat. When someone is sick, I care for them. When someone is not sick, I do my best to protect them from getting sick.

I give away a lot. Clothes and toys the kids grow out of, products from my company, time… I’m a helper. I give of myself constantly because, well, it sure feels good to give.

If I had to define my life in a sentence I’d say, “My life is about helping others.”

It dawned on me this week that I have not a single item of summer clothing for everyday wear. I have one summer dress. I own one (ONE!) pair of shoes. I have no jeans without tears in the knees. And thanks to a fun day at the park yesterday, I DO have a really bad sunburn (but the kids? no, they’re fine, because I took care of them and put sunblock on them).

I get poor sleep, I neglect myself to make others happy, and I choose to spend money on the kids before myself even though I’m pretty sure no 4.5-year-old really needs 13 sundresses and 8 pairs of shoes.

Who takes care of Mommy?

Nobody, that’s who.

Mommy needs to start taking care of herself.

Starting today.

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6 thoughts on “Who takes care of Mommy?

  1. >Amen to that!! Go out shopping….alone! Buy yourself some new duds, it will feel fabulous.

  2. >Yes. This is why I've been buying up Wagjags, Dealfinds and Groupons for all kinds of activities, and went away OVERNIGHT with my girlfriends on the weekend. We're already planning another night away in a few months. People in my house only give a crap about my sanity when it starts to unravel in front of them, so I've decided to tie off the unraveling and do things for me.

  3. >Mommy takes care of mommy, cause no one else will… sad as that is. But good for you for saying no more and time to think about yourself.

    I think it is hard for us. I too have no summer clothes, I am sunburned from a day outside last weekend, my kids – no they are fine because I put sunscreen on them!

  4. >Holy smokes. I read this and thought for a sec we were living the exact same life. (Except my sunburn came from a trip to the zoo.) My most recent trip to the mall to buy clothes for myself got completely derailed by a huge sale at Gymboree. So bravo to you for vowing to start looking after yourself. As for me, I think I need to re-read Alyson Schafer's Breaking the Good Mom Myth.

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