Who helps me “mom”?

For many years, I felt that I was a mom in somewhat of a vacuum. My parents live 6 provinces away, and my in-laws aren’t very involved in our family life. I didn’t have super close friends to reach out to for help, and I guess I let myself wallow in that aloneness.

Campbell’s has this campaign about #TheMotherhood on right now. Videos such as this one really hit home for me. (Grab a tissue.)

I don’t have to handle a step family dynamic in my own little pod, but it made me ponder who I do have in my life who helps me “mom”. Because upon reflection, I sure don’t do it alone.

This week, I went to Zurich to consult with a pharma company; it was an opportunity to do something big and important but I couldn’t do it without pulling in some help. Help from the people who help me “mom”. #TheMotherhood is about realizing that sometimes it really does take a village to parent a child. It means saying thanks to the people who help us be moms, and help us raise our little people. It means reflecting on just how lucky I am to have this support structure in my life. So here’s my list of people without whom I could not manage.

Mom and Dad.

Who helps you "Mom"?

My parents help me "mom".

You live so far away, but your influence on my kids is unmistakeable. This year, we’ve been lucky that your travel plans meant we’d have you visiting with us for a few months, and it’s been amazing. All the babysitting, the love and time spent, the weekend Ryan and I got to go away for the first time ever… The kids love you and appreciate you so much. I couldn’t have gone to Switzerland if you hadn’t been here to cook, clean, and care for my family. Thank you for helping me “mom”.


My husband helps me "mom".

Is it silly that my husband helps me “mom”? He does. Of course, he’s a great Dad, but the ways he helps me grow as a mom are invaluable to me. There’s never a moment when my husband’s not cheering me on, and helping me hammer priorities back into place. He’s my sounding board, my reality check, my best friend and my mentor. Without him, I couldn’t be the mom I want to be. He reminds that being a mom means putting my oxygen mask on first. Thank you, Ryan.


I find it hard to believe we have been friends just 2 short years. Where have you been all my life? You motivate me, rejuvenate me, inspire me and make me laugh. Oh how you make me laugh. You’re a wonderful mom to your kids, and to mine, too. I know you care for them, and I trust you with their lives. (And you’re a great taxi driver for them, just saying.) You’ve motivated me to take care of myself, and forced me to do things I would never do alone. It’s made me confident, daring, and happy. And that means I’m able to be a better mom. You’re the best kind of best friend, and I couldn’t imagine my life without you.

Of course, my village is bigger than just these people. Each and every person I love helps me in this journey and helps me be a great mom. #TheMotherhood reaches far further than my four walls.

This Mother’s Day, why not reach out and give a thanks to the people who help you in #TheMotherhood?


Disclaimer: I am being compensated to participate in this #TheMotherhood campaign by Campbell’s, but the opinions, words and images are (of course and as always) my own.

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