When there’s nothing to say

Someone I know (albeit not very well) died very unexpectedly and suddenly this week, at far too young an age. She was a good friend to many of my friends, someone that so many people respected and adored. She fell asleep and simply never woke again.

When I heard the horrible news last night, I couldn’t find rest. How will her family ever feel whole again?

How can this happen without warning?

How can her two little girls find their way through this?

How can we ever trust our eyes to sleep with this being a very real possibility?

There are no answers, just endless questions.

When tragedy strikes so close to home, it’s a combination of horror and thankfulness I’m sure we all feel. How do we skim by, granted days and years to live? When is it our turn?

How do we go on living for the moment while being responsible about planning for the future?

Where do we find the right words to say when there are none that can weave together the hearts shattered by loss?

I encourage you all to participate in the #shareyourhappy stream on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook started by a friend of the woman who died. Celebrate life’s happiness and joy because we really don’t know how much we’ll be granted. Hug your loved ones and never let there be doubt of that love.

When there is nothing left to say, there is only love. That’s all I’ve got to offer.

When there is nothing left to say, this remains

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2 thoughts on “When there’s nothing to say

  1. Beautiful.

    This is a tragedy in every regard.

    Her legacy is obviously beautiful. I love that people are sharing their happy. That’s truly lovely.

    The rest is terrifying. 🙁

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