What’s a “Glambassador”, you ask?

You might have noticed a new button down there on the right side, saying I’m a “Glambassador”, and that might seem a little strange, right? It isn’t really my style to pin myself to many brands, much less one that, on the surface, seems to just offer spa services to little girls. A friend of mine told me that Glama Gals was seeking ambassadors to spread the word about their tween spas and their mission, and I thought I’d check them out. As with everything, I entered into it with a healthy dose of cynicism — do we need to push our little girls into the spa scene? Is it a slippery slope from a mini-mani at 7 to a Brazilian Wax at 15? What are we teaching our girls about “beauty”?

Let me stop right here: This is not at all what Glama Gals is about.

Glama Gals is about supporting positive body image, acceptance, uniqueness and support between girls. They’re about having fun, being silly, and encouraging girls to take care of themselves and pamper themselves if they want. Their motto is, “Be positive. Be confident. Be you.” and I truly believe they try to impress upon girls (at their most impressionable age, really) that their beauty lies in being kind to others and accepting themselves as they are.

Story at the Glama Gals Opening in UnionvilleStory and I were invited to the media preview of the newest Glama Gals location in Unionville, and I wasn’t entirely sure how it would go over, but Story had an amazing time. She doesn’t really “go for” nailpolish or bath scrubs and she didn’t know who the squee-worthy surprise guest was, but seeing her being pampered was a special treat for both of us. She really loved it. From the bright pink everything, to the huge selection of (safe!) polish, the super fun make-your-own (safe!) lotion (or body scrub or lip gloss…) station, everything was just perfectly age-appropriate and fun. The staff was warm, welcoming and chatty — and they really listened to Story when they asked how her day was, or what her favourite movie was. They made her feel special, important, and grown-up.

Story getting a mini manicureStory's adorable manicure

Story cucumberYou probably know my girl is a little different. She watches her peers from two steps away, and often feels she doesn’t share a whole lot of their interests. She often wonders just why she’s not into the same things, and I tell her that’s what makes us all special, that we all like different things. And somehow, despite me often asking if she wants her nails done (NO!), or if I can do her hair (NO!)… somehow in this place, it was magical.

While she was enjoying a mini manicure with the most adorable little nail charms, she was also absorbing the messaging around her. She didn’t want to interact with the other little girls there, she just wanted to participate on her own, quietly. I watched her read the wall decals, and we talked about what they mean, and she really loved them. All over the walls, there are motivational sayings, positive messages, and confidence boosters. And despite me trying to instil these feelings in her all the time, it means a lot that there are others supporting her Mama’s claims, too. It validated all the things we talk about.

glama gal oath

be confident

Glama Gals impressed me a whole lot. I really wish Story and I could go for their Mother’s Day event, but we have plans that day. I’d absolutely go another time, though, and we’ve already been talking about maybe having her next birthday party at Glama Gals.

Thanks for sharing your mission with me, Glama Gals. I love that behind this concept are two great entrepreneurial women, spreading such a positive message to our girls.

me and story
Disclosure: As a “Glambassador” I am NOT PAID. I was invited to the launch party with no expectations or requests, and in future may be given opportunities to attend special events, but as always, my opinions are my own, and never bought.

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6 thoughts on “What’s a “Glambassador”, you ask?

  1. What a beautiful post! You truly captured what all of us felt during this event. My daughter isn’t the most girly girl either but she LOVES every moment that she spends at Glama Gals. She loves the messaging, the encouragement and the abundance of amazing pink that surrounds them! As a Mom I love that girls are truly made to feel beautiful from the inside out.

  2. Loved this post!! Isabella (10) has been going there for the past 2 years and I swear its the only thing that has helped her build her confidence about her self image and actually take what she has learned about bullying and implement this social good at school and in the community. Glama Gals have inspired Isabella to be a better person, to believe in herself and to treat others with respect. I am so glad Story will get to experience this and you get the joy of seeing how happy she gets and how much she will grow.

  3. I love how you parent. That is all. Well, maybe not all. I wish I had been able to get away and attend the event that night. My girls love being pampered. I love doing things with them as their mother because these moments are precious and they grow fast, but getting our nails done together is a relaxing treat and time to bond as girls. Sounds like a great place. I am thrilled to be a Glambassador and I guess I better make time to go see this place soon.

  4. Their motto is, “Be positive. Be confident. Be you.” and I truly believe they try to impress upon girls (at their most impressionable age, really) that their beauty lies in being kind to others and accepting themselves as they are. http://num.to/435-554-817-371

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