What is the #BlogSmallJoys Series?

#BlogSmallJoysWhen I first imagined my inaugural post for the #BlogSmallJoys series, I didn’t think it would be as important to me as it has become. I simply wanted a way to highlight to readers that no matter what is happening in life, there are always small joys to be found and appreciated. I wanted to embrace the happiness found in what seem to be insignificant moments, for it’s those brief flashes that often stay with us for years, isn’t it? I remember the first time I stroked my children’s tiny fingers after their births. I remember climbing the crabapple trees in my first childhood neighbourhood in the spring when the blossoms were sweet. I love sitting across the room watching my kids play, absorbed in their imaginations. I love a hot cup of strong, black coffee. Sunshine on my face. Jumping into a ball pit as a kid. Riding a rollercoaster, or coasting down a hill on my bicycle. Holding hands. There are small joys everywhere.

But today I am just thankful to be alive.

I wanted to begin this series on (Canadian) Thanksgiving Monday. Instead, I started that day by calling 9-1-1, concerned I was having a heart attack. Now, you need to know that I’m not a hypochondriac. It takes a lot to get me concerned about my health and I really wondered whether I was overreacting or not. I had incredible pressure high up in my chest. I was chilled and sweaty. My stomach was a mess. I have no reason to suspect any heart problems at all, but given the symptoms, I thought it was best to call and let someone check me out. I googled the symptoms (never do this!), and I was either having a heart attack or I was dying of some other scary disease according to Dr. Google. Since women often brush off heart attack symptoms as being anxiety, or as not severe, I decided I would rather be safe than sorry.

I’m not kidding when I say absolutely every worry crossed my mind — who would tell my parents? Who would do the Christmas shopping? How could life just end like this? And the more I considered life, the more anxious I became, making everything so much worse.

The EMTs ran tests, told me it looks like my heart is just fine, and in the end I declined heading to the ER because I felt like whatever was happening wasn’t deadly so I might as well stay home and ride it out. I still don’t know what it is, and a day later I’m not feeling much better, but at least I’m alive. I’m sore, I’m under the weather, I’m alive.

In a fit of worry, I made my husband check to make sure I was still alive in my sleep last night. And when I woke to my alarm this morning, I swear I’ve rarely been so happy to just be alive.

I’m not saying I’m going change my entire life because of this. I didn’t have an epiphany that’ll give me a new mission, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be changing the world. But what I do know is that every single day I’m given the chance to open my eyes and participate here is an opportunity to find and appreciate the hell out of life.

I hope that you’ll participate in this blog series. I would love you to write about any way you find and appreciate the small joys of life. And I would love you to come back every Monday to read the next submission in the #BlogSmallJoys series. Please email your submission to me at alexandriawrites@gmail.com along with a brief bio (if you want) and a link to your blog (if you have one).

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8 thoughts on “What is the #BlogSmallJoys Series?

  1. How scary! And to still not know what it is. I’m sorry your Thanksgiving turned out like that, but I’m glad you’re okay (and alive!).

  2. How scary! I’m glad that you didn’t have a heart attack and that you are on the way to feeling better. My little joy today: my baby boy taking an extra long nap so I would enjoy some rare “me” time enjoying a cup of coffee and a muffin. AND I got to put out the Halloween decorations outside and not freeze my butt off while doing it because it was so warm out today! #yayme

    1. Thanks, Cheryl!

      Extra long naps are the best. Truly. For all involved.

      (Will you submit a story for the series? I would love it if you would!)

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