>What I Should be Doing Right Now

>What I should be doing at the moment is not blogging. Not that I’m wasting time blogging, I had a very productive day thus far, you see.

I got dressed, brushed my teeth, dressed the kids, tended to a recovering-from-illness daughter, broke up a few sibling scraps, tidied the dining room table, tidied the kitchen, picked up a few toys, planned supper, worked all morning, did three loads of laundry, folded two loads, re-organised the kids’ play room (read: my office/play room), had two long and important business-related calls, breastfed a toddler a few times, ate a couple pieces of my daughter’s California rolls, made a second pot of coffee, returned 14 emails, checked my favourite web boards and Facebook, tweeted a few times, but what I should be doing right now is


because after all that I can’t remember if I’ve gone all day and after 1L of water and a pot and a half of coffee, I seriously need to pee.

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