Welcome to the NEW IDB!

Welcome to the NEW IDB!

Notice anything new around here at I Don’t Blog? A new look, new features and new content; it’s exciting times! I’m really excited for the shift at IDB because for starters, my husband Ryan is joining me to combine our superpowers in one blog. You can read more about Ryan HERE. We’ve got a lot of fun things planned for the coming months, and it really made the most sense to condense the great content into one site.

Why did we change it up?

I have been wanting to separate my personal essays from the rest of my content for quite awhile, and this new magazine style layout allows me to do that. You’re now able to easily find that kind of post by clicking on the “Thoughts” category there at the top. And once all Ryan’s content from Squrrell.ca has been moved over here, you’ll also be able to find his candid, helpful car reviews here, and read more of his views on fatherhood, tech, travel, food and more.

IDB has always been a little bit different, and now we’re a whole new kinda blog: an online magazine for people who don’t read blogs. 😉

It’s just so full of potential!

It’s cleaner, crisper, and we’ll offer you a wider range of voices and opinions, something I know my readers have come to love about IDB.

You know what else this means? It means if you’d like to post here, we’d love to have you!

We’re accepting guest posts for now, so if you’d like to reach our audience, please email us at info@idontblog.ca with your idea.

Talk to you again soon!

~ alex
(and Ryan!)

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