Vagueblogging. It’s a thing.

Recently, my wonderful friend Robin invited me out for a day of fun — a taping of CityLine, followed by lunch, manis and makeup at Elmwood Spa. She’d won this super awesome package from “some charity thing” and I was really excited to have been invited to go with her. I wasn’t really sure I could make it, since it would mean Ryan had to stay home from work, and I’d already been away three days last week for Blissdom. But he immediately said, “YES! Go! You need a day to relax.” Oooookay. SOLD!

And relax I did. We had a great time at CityLine, and at the spa.

citylinespa day

Looking back, I should’ve seen the signs. I feel sort of ridiculous having missed them all; I’m usually more suspicious!

Ry had cleaned the bathrooms from top to bottom, and even thrown our duvet cover in the laundry. He had been tidying all week… definitely not the usual for him. When I suggested leaving the laundry on the floor (like usual) he looked shocked. When I hadn’t put my suitcase away from the conference last week, he scurried around cleaning up after me. Strange. And yet… I thought little of it.

When he made weird excuses for leaving the house, I thought, “Hey, he’s so weird”, and left it at that. Because honestly, Ryan is a little weird. In the best possible ways, of course, but weird is sorta normal around here.

I got ready to go in the morning, and it was a little bit of a frenzy to get out the door on time. And when I did, my neighbours were outside in a flurry of excited concern — the cops were in our neighbourhood because a “suspicious” person was sitting in a car a couple houses down from ours with a giant camera. Creepy. The neighbours called the police, and so I pulled back into the driveway and called Ryan inside the house to let him know. Scary, right? Who knows what kind of creep was out there! He seemed dismissive, but I left anyhow.

I spent my day happily chatting and spa-ing with Robin, and when I was driving home, I called Ry. He sounded flustered, but I figured it was run-of-the-mill stuff with the kids. He was quick to hang up (also unlike him).

When I pulled into the driveway, there he was waiting outside for me. Odd. And he said to leave my stuff in the car, and to come in because he had a surprise for me. You know what? I still didn’t think much beyond, “Weird!”. I was guided into my house, blindfolded, being told that “someone” was there. I thought, yay! My parents! Or yay! My bestie from Newfoundland! And yay! Weird!

Honestly, reliving it, I wonder exactly why I wasn’t more suspicious.

It was exactly none of the things I had guessed. And while I can’t even tell you exactly what happened until mid-November-ish because it’s top secret, let me just say that I learned two lessons yesterday:

1. Always keep your house clean enough for a camera crew because OMG YOU NEVER KNOW, and;

2. Embrace weirdness because it’s those weird times that often lead to life’s best moments.

My entire day was a set-up from start to finish. Vague, I know. I promise that as soon as I can spill the secret, I absolutely will.

For now, I want to thank Robin, Ryan and Leigh-Ann for giving me such a giant, wonderful surprise. And more thank yous will come later.


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13 thoughts on “Vagueblogging. It’s a thing.

  1. Oh my goodness! YOU are the best at age blogging!!

    I know nothing more than I did earlier this morning and yet.. TOTALLY engaged and invested in this mystery!

    Glad you had a lovely day and a BIG surprise!

    Can’t wait until the day you are SPECIFIC blogging about it all. 😀

  2. Ooh, exciting! Sounds like a while you were out sortof thing…I’m excited to hear what the surprise was all about!

    1. LOL Definitely NOT a supermom prize. It wasn’t actually connected to CityLine at all, but the one I saw filmed did air today! As soon as I can spill the beans, I definitely will. 😀

      1. Hahaha, unfortunately it’s going to be awhile longer! I think they said mid-November. As a terrible secret-keeper, I am obviously DYING TO TELL.

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