>Vacation? What’s that?

>I’m in Newfoundland at the moment, visiting my parents. My husband’s at home and I’m here with the two kids. It’s gorgeous here – whales, seals, beautiful landscape… but it’s really not a vacation for me.

The house isn’t kid-proofed and is decorated with family antiques dating back hundreds of years. My parents don’t see how this is a problem, but that’s only because I’m constantly on high-alert. There are few toys here so I have a constant din of “What next? What next? What next?” from the almost-five-year-old to deal with. And let’s not discuss the stress of reminding people that yes, my son is allergic to eggs, fish, and dairy and has to avoid seafood and nuts as well and this means that NO he cannot eat ice cream, and no he cannot eat pancakes or brownies or cookies or…

It’s just not relaxing.

Add to this the fact that I’m realising I’ve become a workaholic and you have a potent combo for a breakdown. Ha! This house has sketchy wifi and I can only access the net in certain rooms. In addition, I came equipped with only a Blackberry and an iPad so I’m finding it hard to get anything accomplished.

I feel like I’m in some sort of vacation limbo and I can’t wait to get home to finally relax and get back to work.

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3 thoughts on “>Vacation? What’s that?

  1. >Oh I so get this. I didn't realize you had so many issues with allergies. That's hard: people don't get it. Well, try and turn off the machines for a while and pretend you are five again. THAT is a trip too. Pun intended.

  2. >Sounds pretty stressful, honestly. Especially with the food allergy. Sometimes it takes a vacation to make you realize there truly is no place like home. : )

  3. >My hubs loves to travel. I do too, but I figure it'll be a thing we do when the kids are grown. He gets really pissy when I'm not on the themepark / RVing across the country / rent a cottage for a week vacation ideas he's always coming up with… the thought of them makes me want to take a nap.
    Home is where the kids are at their best, and the work involved in going away is enough to keep me home.

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