Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide + Giveaway! *~CLOSED~*

GIVEAWAY CLOSED — Congratulations, Sara V.!

Two years ago, I wrote about teacher gifts that teachers actually love. Those rules still hold firm, but this year, in addition to sharing with you some amazing teacher gift ideas, I’m also featuring some incredible businesses and a giant giveaway.

And I mean GIANT giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a prize from every single one of the incredible companies below.

That’s more than 10 teacher gifts with a grand total value of more than $250!

I think any teacher you know would appreciate something from this list, don’t you? So let’s show these incredible handmade businesses some love. To be eligible to win this gigantic teacher gift giveaway, you must be able to pick up the full prize from me personally or pay the shipping costs from each vendor. I live near Whitby, Ontario.

Cocoa Lane Sweeterie
Win this gorgeous, delicious set of teacher-themed cookies by Cocoa Lane Sweeterie in the Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide Giveaway at IDontBlog.ca!To say Cocoa Lane Sweeterie makes the most beautiful and delicious baked goods I’ve ever eaten or seen would be the largest understatement of my life. Truly remarkable. How beautiful is this set of sugar cookies? I’ve given them before, and they’re always a huge hit. The grand prize includes this teacher themed cookie set, a value of $12.

Chic Tags
Win this stunning Georgia Line bracelet from Chic Tags in the Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide Giveaway at IDontBlog.ca
Oh, Chic Tags, I love you so! This is a company that never stops evolving, meaning she’s basically got me by my wallet because there’s always something new and beautiful I need to purchase. These mixed metal bracelets from the Chic Tags Georgia line are so perfect for teachers. The grand prize will include one of these beauties, a value of $25!

Touch of Heart
Touch Of Heart Ultimate Teacher Gift Giveaway
The stunning hangers at Touch of Heart make lovely gifts for anyone in your life, but isn’t this teacher one so special? Hand painted, and hand-shaped metal turns a hanger into something personalized and perfect. The grand prize includes this hanger, a value of $25!

better letters

I love the prints at better letters, and you will, too. You can have them customized in any way, and I love that there are French options because, well, my French skills are lacking, but my daughter has amazing French teachers who would love these prints! The grand prize includes one framed 12×16 print (of your choice), a value of $45!



Words on Wood
Words On Wood Teacher GiftsWin your choice of personalized wooden pencil or crayon from Words on Wood for the special teacher in your life! Enter to win the Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide Giveaway at IDontBlog.ca!Once just a wonderful online shopping destination, Words on Wood now has a brick and mortar location at 103 Mary Street West, Pearson Lanes, Whitby! (They stock all the very best local products, too!)

Creating beautiful works of wooden art is their specialty, and it’s hard to choose just one favourite product. These adorable pencils and crayons make the sweetest teacher gifts, though, don’t you agree? The grand prize includes your choice of personalized pencil or crayon, a value of $20!

Little Bean Originals
Little Bean Originals Teacher GiftThe sweet little magnets and pendants made by Little Bean Originals can be customized any way you like — I think the teacher-themed magnets are darling and I bought some to give to some wonderful teachers I know. The grand prize includes a set of 10 magnets (you can choose from 36 teacher-themed designs!), a value of $9.

Stamped Memories by Amanda
Win this beautiful, handstamped necklace, personalized however you want, from Stamped Memories by Amanda in the Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide Giveaway at IDontBlog.ca!
Everyone loves a personalized gift, and Stamped Memories by Amanda has so many beautiful creations to choose from. Hand stamped and lovingly created keychains, necklaces, bracelets and more can be found on Amanda’s gorgeous Facebook page. The grand prize will include this hand-stamped, teacher-themed necklace (customized however you like), a value of $25!

Inkpen Studios
Win a gorgeous, customized teacher print from Inkpen Studios in the Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide Giveaway from IDontBlog.ca!

Find gorgeous greeting cards, stunning stationery design, personalized prints and more at Inkpen Studios. The beautifully designed teacher prints are a beautiful way to thank those important teachers in our lives. The grand prize will include winner’s choice of 8×10 print, a value of $20!

Linda’s Esthetics
Win a European Facial from Linda's Esthetics in the Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide Giveaway from IDontBlog.ca!
At Linda’s Esthetics, guests will be pampered and treated to luxurious spa services. What teacher wouldn’t love that? The grand prize includes one European facial from Linda’s Esthetics, a value of $55!

A Bird For Every Reason

Win this adorable teacher-themed bird from A Bird for Every Reason in the Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide Giveaway at IDontBlog.ca!I can’t help it, I’m a total sucker for birds. Naturally, I adore all the little creations from A Bird for Every Reason and I think this teacher-themed one is perfect. The grand prize includes one of these sweet little birds, a value of $10!

Baubles and Beads

Win this lovely hand stamped teacher keychain from Baubles and Beads in the Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide Giveaway at IDontBlog.ca!

The beautiful thing about hand stamped pieces is that no two pieces can ever be the same. Baubles And Beads sells such gorgeous items, and I love these teacher themed keychains. They’re truly beautiful and will surely be cherished by any teacher in your life. The grand prize includes one of these keychains, a value of $18!

Bug’s Grove
Win these beautiful handmade "R-E-A-D" scrabble tiles by Bug's Grove for the special teacher in your life in the Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide Giveaway at IDontBlog.ca!

Aren’t these oversized Scrabble tiles the cutest? They’re 8″x8″, and I think this “R-E-A-D” set is absolutely perfect for teachers. I’m picturing all kinds of things I’d love to have spelled out with them. Each tile is $5, and you can have anything you want made exactly how you want it. Each tile is carefully made and varnished, with hanging hardware attached. The grand prize includes this set, a value of $20!

Time to enter to win!

Now, I can’t make you “Like” each of these pages, I can only ask you to visit them, but it sure would mean a lot to these incredible companies if you showed their Facebook pages some love.

It’s hard for small businesses to grow a solid customer base, and being the awesome readers you are, I know you get it.

Good luck! I hope the winner of this amazing prize is thrilled!

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Disclaimer: There isn’t one. 🙂 I haven’t received free product or payment to promote these businesses. I love that everyone works so hard to create wonderful products and I love supporting small businesses. I hope you all do the same!

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69 thoughts on “Ultimate Teacher Gift Guide + Giveaway! *~CLOSED~*

  1. I currently don’t spend $$ on Teacher Gifts, but when I was a kid, we either made a gift OR brought them in some sort of food gift. All of these are SO MUCH BETTER and absolutely beautiful. If I won I have some amazing teachers in my life that I would be honoured to give these to!

    1. That’s awesome! I’m sending something special to a teacher friend of mine, even though she’s not my kids’ teacher, I know she’s a wonderful teacher all the same. 🙂

  2. Oh man those are all awesome! Since one kid has two teachers, the other three and a bus driver I need all the help I can get!

    1. I know, right? I also like to buy for the amazing office staff at my son’s school, because they just ROCK. So it all adds up!

  3. These are so sweet – right now looking at them as good ideas for my daycare provider, since I think they might get overlooked with the year-round nature of the job! (And honestly, dealing with that many toddlers all day deserves thanks!)

  4. For his classroom teacher, anywhere from $20-$30, depending on what I find that suits best. I gave wine for Christmas, so I have to think of something else for end of year. Thanks for these ideas!

    1. No problem! They’re all so great, aren’t they? I’ve already bought from most of them for this year.

  5. I don’t have a budget per se, but I try to find something meaningful and useful, that won’t take up too much space as I know my kid isn’t the only one who will give her something. Usually around $30 (and if you factor christmas gifts, random days I send her things, etc we’re probably closer to $100 for the year)

    1. I always go for meaning over the price, too, but it seems that it’s never less than $30. 🙂

  6. I usually spend from $20 – $30 on teacher gifts. This year was over $50 for my daughter’s teacher. She’s gone out of her way for my daughter this year. Still need to find something for my son’s teacher, these are all great ideas!

    1. I can’t say how amazing my daughter’s teacher is this year. I don’t even know how I can ever express to her how much of an impact she’s made. Great teachers are SO amazing. 🙂

  7. I usually spend $20 to $25 for end of year gifts. I usually do gift cards but I love the unique and personal qualities of each of the above vendors!

  8. I honestly don’t have a budget in mind when it comes to year end teacher gifts. It all depends on the year, the teacher, the kiddo, and what we did for Christmas. 😀

    Sometimes we bake treats or make something sweet to eat.

    Typically, I try to find out what the person needs/wants and decide from there. If you need/want a house in the Hamptons you are SOL, but if you like movies I can help you out. 😉

  9. I spend $25 for teachers. $15 for helpers. It really adds up with three kids and multiple teachers, daycare providers, etc!

  10. I usually spend between $15 and $30 on a teacher’s gift depending on how good a buy I can get. If I buy a Gift Certificate it is usually for $25 and from the LCBO

  11. I try to spend approx. $20 but it varies each year. I usually try to come up with a gift that takes some thought and child input.

  12. I don’t usually have a budget…I do like to buy from local companies and support small businesses. I prefer to buy something unique and useful! I love all of these businesses and what they are offering.

  13. I usually get my son’s teacher a coffee gift card and my son makes her a gift to add to that. For the end of year gift my son painted rocks he found at the beach to look like ladybugs!

  14. As a former teacher I would have loved any of these gifts! We usually spend between $20-30 on gifts. We always do a donation in their name at Christmas and an actual gift at the end of the year. My son always bakes for his teachers too!

  15. These are some great ideas. I usually hate teacher gift giving season because I don’t want to just give them something just to check it off the list.

  16. I love each and every one of these gifts! I feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing small businesses in my own community! I typically spend $25-50 on the teacher gifts, though I am relatively new to the game being that i just have a grade one student 😉

  17. These are all fabulous gifts! I usually spend $20-$30 but I have spent more

  18. Fantastic ideas!! Thanks so much for gathering them all together!

  19. I like to spend about $20-$25 but it’s getting hard with both kids having 3 teachers in their room (teacher, EA and ECE) plus we have a piano teacher that we usually buy something for

  20. I have 5 kids so I have to be honest… many years we haven’t been able to do any sort of teacher gifts. Its just too much!

  21. I only buy for teachers who have been outstanding for my daughter, but I usually source $15-20.

  22. I usually spend $20-$40 but I’m just getting my kids into school so I’m not sure of the norm

  23. We usually spend anywhere come $25 to $40. We like to find personal handcrafted items and try and source them locally. I really want to convey my gratitude to the person who has enriched my child’s life. This year he is graduating kindergarten so I am hoping to find something extra special!

  24. I usually spend around $15-20 per teacher, and there a few that we make sure we cover to show our thanks for the entire year. This year, my grade 2 gal will be saying so long to her teacher she has been fortunate enough to have for 3 of her first four years of school. I’m not sure who will cry more, me or her ;(

  25. I think that $20-25 is a good amount to spend. This is especially important if there are gifts at Christmas and at the end of the year.

  26. I generally spend about 25.00 and we have three teachers to buy for.

  27. Between my son & daughter there are 6 teachers & educational assistants, but I still give atleast $20 per person to show my thanks as they deserve it.

  28. I generally give gift certificates to places where they can buy stuff for the classroom. Although for SK I gave my boys’ teacher (who they had for 2 years) an LCBO GC! Minimum $20 for a teacher. EAs Mabye $10.

  29. Seems as though around $20 per gift! It’s such a mind boggle to figure out all ‘who’s and such’.. Awesome giveaway, this would totally help !!

  30. I think between $25 and $40 is pretty reasonable! But it also depends on how many teachers you plan on giving gifts too….

    Teachers are pretty amazing!!!

  31. This is the first year to buy teacher gifts and I have not set a limit yet as I believe they derserve so much. As long as you put thought into your gift I don’t think the value matters. This is a fantastic contest and so many deserving teachers out there really have earned it.

  32. It is so hard. Between school teaches and dance teachers…there are so many teachers to buy for. May $20 per teacher.

  33. In past years (at Montessori) the kids had up to three teachers each so I usually made the teacher gifts. Baking or crafts or combination of the two. Last year I made a Teacher Last Day of School Survival Kit which were each probably about $10-$15 for the little kids and a Movie Themed basket for the older kids’ teachers, also about $15.

  34. This is my first year purchasing teachers gifts, have been conflicted on what to spend. Around $20 per teacher (my daughter has two one teacher and an ECE) and then was going to get a basket for the Daycare and Office.

  35. I have spent between $5 – and up to $90. I have given gifts at other times beside just Christmas or the end of School Year. Teachers are amazing they shape the minds of our children and inspire them to learn. You give what you can. I haven’t decided what to buy yet so many amazing ideas here but one thing I will include is a note or a drawing from my child to their teacher.

  36. For me it depends on the teacher and year. My kids have a main teacher but then other great teachers for specific subjects so I tend to spend more on the core teachers then a bit less on the specific subject teachers. It can add up fast though with multiple kids and teachers. So I try to limit it to around $25 for the core teacher and $10-$15 for the others if they really connected with my kids. We’ve had such great teacher so I don’t mind spending the money to show our appreciation!

  37. It varies how much I spend. This year I did approx. $30 for each teacher and our 1 ece.

  38. I normally bake and delivery a warm loaf of banana bread to my kids teacher. So around 10 dollars

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