Planning Our First Great Wolf Lodge Adventure!

Planning Our First Great Wolf Lodge Adventure!


Our kids are six- and almost-ten-years-old and guess how many times they’ve been to Great Wolf Lodge?

Zero, that’s how many times.

Their friends have gone, and we’ve heard so many times that it’s super fun, but I’ll be honest here: a weekend at a waterpark filled with kids doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time. So each year they ask to go, and each year we say, “Yeah, maybe!” and then never book the trip.

But, you see, this year our girl turns a whole decade old (oh em gee), and one of her BFFs is having a party at Great Wolf Lodge so I booked the trip thanks to and now I’m going to be the best mom in the world!

Since my friends are all nicer parents than I am and have taken their kids many times, I reached out to them for their top tips for Great Wolf Lodge, and wanted to share them with all of you.

Top Tips for Maximixing Your Fun at Great Wolf Lodge:

• Cover ups are required for adults outside the waterpark area (and they’re really expensive in the gift shop, so bring one from home).

• The restaurant food is expensive, and not super high quality, but you can offset costs by bringing snacks and microwavable foods into your room. Rooms have fridges, too.

• There’s a good pizzeria near the Niagara Falls location, so order from there to save money on a meal. Ask for the info at the front desk.

• The chef will accommodate food allergies of all kinds, just ask!

• Wear flip flops to avoid catching anything icky on feet.

• There’s a nice pool outside (when weather is warm) that is often quieter than inside.

• Adults will also love the larger slides, so get ready for fun for all ages!

MagiQuest is expensive and time-consuming, but also very fun and worth the time and money. Wands can be saved and used on future visits, too!

• The Paw Pass is a good way to save money if you plan to tack extras on (like MagiQuest or bowling).

• Check-in can take a looooong time, so get there early.

• You can get your wristbands for the waterpark before your room is ready and maximize your time there (and you can also stay in the waterpark after room check-out on the day you leave).

• Bring goggles! The water is heavily chlorinated and can affect even the least sensitive eyes.

• There are group rates available when you book 10+ rooms at a time, and if you don’t have that many friends to go with, you can join Facebook groups like THIS one that help people book all together.

• Bring a travel mug for adults. (Fill it with alcohol.)

• It’s cheaper to go mid-week.

• There’s a story time at night for kids, but it’s VERY busy, so get there early.

• Be sure to watch my friend Karen’s fantastic video detailing all the non-waterpark activities GWL has to offer!

• Pack extra patience.

No microwave popcorn at Great Wolf Lodge! Find more tips at

We’ll be going in September, and will definitely write about our experience, so stay tuned! And if you’ve got more tips to share, I’d appreciate them. 🙂

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