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I’m betting that one of the most oft-Googled subjects for parents relates to kids and their sleep. For new parents, getting baby to sleep (and to stay asleep) is a major challenge. Such a challenge in fact, that there are actually professionals out there who’ll help “train” your kid to sleep. There are tips and tricks and hundreds of advice books about getting kids to sleep.

There are hashtags all over Twitter and Facebook about being a #ZombieMom or #ZombieDad, lamenting the lack of sleep happening in their homes. I remember those days with exactly zero envy – those were some sleepless, frustrating days. And nights. And days that blended so seamlessly into nights that I forgot which day it was and felt like sleep deprivation was perhaps the worst torture.

I remember the (seemingly endless) days when the slightest breeze could wake my baby, when a dog barking three blocks away would send them into crying midnight hysterics, or when the squeak from our floors meant two more hours of rocking a certain baby girl back to sleep.

Oh, those #*&%@+^ squeaky floors.

They were the bane of my existence as a new parent. We knew exactly which parts of our floor squeaked, and could map out the escape route from the nursery like a scene from Mission Impossible. Don’t step there! Hop gently this way! SHHH! Inevitably, we’d step in the wrong spot, and crreeaaaaaaak – and the baby was awake.

I spent so many nights sobbing over our collective lack of sleep and would have given almost anything to silence all those small sounds that seemed cacophonous to a sleeping baby. But who wants to replace all their flooring just because of a few squeaks here and there? (Well, me. That’s who. But we couldn’t afford that.)

A few months ago, I met the geniuses behind Silent Floor Solutions, and wished we’d had such a sensible solution when my kids were infants.  I had no idea that a squeaky floor could be fixed so easily, without tearing out existing flooring.

Stop the squeak'n Silent Floor Solutions

You don’t have to debate replacing the flooring (which often doesn’t actually solve the squeaking anyhow), you can just repair the actual problem. How amazing is that? You can keep your heritage flooring but stop the squeaks, with no damage or repairs to ceilings left after the work is complete.

It seems like such a small thing, but to any parent who has done the Mission Impossible avoid-the-squeaks routine, you know what I’m talking about here. Those squeaky floors can mean the end of a peaceful night’s sleep.

And it doesn’t really end with babies. My husband gets up at 3:30am, and if we were still in our old house, the squeaking of the floors would have made that nearly unbearable for the rest of us in the house. The stairs creaked, the floors squeaked and everything seems louder when there are other people to consider.

Silent Floor Solutions has come up with the idea you wish you’d thought of. They’ve identified the main causes of squeaky floors, and can fix them within hours.

Causes of squeaky floors

They apply a specially-designed adhesive that stabilizes your flooring, leaving no evidence behind. It’s pretty ingenious, I promise.

I encourage you to check out their site to see just how easy it is for you to silence those annoying squeaks and creaks. Or, if you’re in the Toronto area, stop by the Toronto Fall Home Show from September 18-21, 2014 to speak to the Silent Floor people in person — they’ll be at booth #1259. (Psssst! I have tickets for the Fall Home Show to give away, so keep your eyes peeled for that giveaway, too!)

And if you’d like to hire them, they’re offering a special discount just for my readers:

Get 10% off (up to $100 total) your project’s cost just by mentioning this post!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Silent Floor Solutions, but the opinions are my own.

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