The Ultimate School Lunch Ideas List Vol. 2

The Ultimate School Lunch Ideas List Vol. 2

It’s almost that time of year again — the leaves are starting to change, my kids are getting sick of me, and I’m ordering way too many school supplies for two kids who don’t actually need school supplies. Back-to-school time was always so fun for me as a kid. I loved the new supplies, new shoes and clothes, and seeing all the friends I’d missed over the summer.

It never once crossed my mind that the start of school meant starting up more work for my parents, though. But now that I’ve got two kids, it means no more pajama days and leisurely breakfasts. It means being strict about bedtimes, and making lunches. It means knowing what the weather will be like so the kids dress appropriately. Ahhh, I’ll miss my lazy days of summer.

In preparation, I’ve re-vamped the Ultimate School Lunch Ideas List! I’ve added new ideas, links to great blogs about lunches, and I’m going into the year with great hope that my kids won’t be eating cracker dust by October.

First, be sure to bookmark my friend Louise’s blog, because she’s my inspiration for Bento-style lunches. (She’s also got a way with words you’re never going to forget. I adore her.) She can also tell you where to get the best school lunch accessories, ever.

The awesome part about this list is that you absolutely do not have to be wielding cookie cutters and wild talent to make this stuff, unlike 90% of the ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Thermos ideas:
Mini Quiche Lorraine
Impossibly Easy Mini Chicken Pot Pies
Beans (with or without wieners)
Scrambled Eggs (with peppers, mushrooms, ham, onion & cheese)
Pasta (with cheese, or lemon/olive oil, or meat sauce, or tomato sauce or cream sauce)
Pancakes (rolled up in thermos, or make mini ones)
Soup (vegetable, chicken noodle, whatever)
Fish or Chicken Sticks/Nuggets
French Fries (or sweet potato fries)
Hot Dogs
Rice with Veggies (even with take out packs of soya sauce)
Grilled Cheese (cut into strips, put in thermos)
Black beans & rice
Meat chili
Veg chili

Cold lunch ideas:
Pasta salad
Potato salad
Bean Salad
Greek Quinoa Salad
Sushi (we don’t make this anymore, I just buy the kids some California rolls)
Spring Rolls
Watermelon & feta salad
Caesar Salad
Garden Salad
English Muffin Pizzas (Cut muffin, spread tomato sauce and put the muffin back together. Put toppings in another container for kids to assemble at school.)
cubed ham
rolled up deli meat
pickles and olives
hard boiled eggs – can also be made in egg shapers
Sandwich on a stick

Sunbutter/Almond butter/Pea butter
Bagels with coconut butter (or cream cheese, or whatever)
Egg on a bagel
Ham and cheese
Cream cheese & jam
Cream cheese and cucumber
Deli meats
Tuna salad/salmon salad
Chicken salad
Cream cheese with sprouts
Cold Pita Pizza  (pre-shred/slice & freeze mozzarella & pepperoni + use pizza sauce in a squeeze bottle)
Cheese melted in a pita
Egg salad

Fruits and Veggies
Dips: ranch, yogurt, caesar dressing…
Carrot sticks
Snap peas
Celery sticks (my kids love these with Cheez Whiz & raisins on them, yuck)
Corn nibblets
Broccoli spears
Cherry tomatoes
Apple slices (a bit of lemon stops them from browning, they’re also yummy with a bit of cinnamon sprinkled on them)
Orange segments
Melon pieces
Fruit salad
Hummus and veggies

Cheese strings (sometimes novelty wins)
Dried fruits (apricots and apples are a fave here)
Homemade trailmix: dried apricots, cranberries & raisins, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, pretzels, roasted sunflower seeds, salted pumpkin seeds, wheat berries etc.
Apple sauce

Frozen yogurt tubes (huge treat, these things are barely yogurt)
Granola bars (don’t be fooled, most of these things aren’t exactly healthy)
Fruit bars
Oatmeal bars
Yogurt drinks

Home baked
Granola bars
Easy Buttermilk Cornbread Muffins

Do you have anything to add?

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