The ultimate panko-crusted chicken fingers

I’m a fairly new convert to panko bread crumbs, and right when I fell in love with using them at home, our son was diagnosed with a multitude of major food allergies (one of which was eggs), so I threw the box back in the pantry till recently. (He has outgrown most of his food allergies, hooray!) Last week I made some really delicious panko-crusted pork chops, and today I whipped up some seriously yummy crusted chicken fingers for the kids (and ok, for me, too, since I ate more than my fair share!).

Here’s the recipe for my Ultimate Panko-crusted Chicken Fingers!

2 thawed boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2C Panko bread crumbs (I bought Kikkoman ones, I’m not sure if there is a difference between brands. And I found mine in the “Asian” food section of my local Loblaws store.)
½ C white flour
2 eggs, cracked and whisked
1½ tsp kosher salt
fresh ground pepper (to taste)
1½C cooking oil (I used canola)

Slice chicken breasts into strips, set aside.
Put flour on a plate, for dredging chicken.
Mix salt & pepper into the Panko crumbs. You could also add some yummy grated parmesan or romano cheese in with the crumbs. I didn’t, but you could, and they would perhaps be even more ultimate. The ultimatest ultimate panko-crusted chicken fingers, maybe? Maybe.
Put a couple sheets of paper towel on a plate so that when the chicken strips are cooked you can soak up the excess oil.

You’ll make each strip individually.

1. Dredge a chicken strip through the flour to coat it.
2. Dip it in egg.
3. Put the strip into the bowl of Panko crumbs and coat it well in the crumbs.
4. Set aside on a plate.

Repeat these steps for all your strips of chicken.

Pour oil into a wok or similar high-sided pan. Not only am I new to Panko, I’m also new to deep frying on my stove top, so I just guessed here. I set the burner to med-high and when it was hot, I tossed in a strip. You’ll know it’s the right temperature when the bread crumbs start to brown within seconds of hitting that oil. Be careful, oil spits like a mean camel. You’ve been warned! Flip the strips to cook on the opposite side. When they’re golden brown, they ought to be finished.

golden brown pieces of crunchy delicious heaven

Depending on how thick the strips are, they’ll take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute to cook. It’s fast! Take one out and cut in half to ensure it’s fully cooked through.

As you remove the chicken strips, lay them on the paper towel and soak up the excess oil. Enough has soaked into the chicken itself to ensure they’re juicy and yummy!

she was disappointed I made her hold a strip, because she wanted to give two thumbs up!

I made my own dipping sauce for the kids by combining cherry-plum jam with a bit of ketchup. They love it!

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  1. try mixing it with crushed captain crunch, AMAZING!! Only time you’ll see me eat Captain Crunch… though I just recently became a vegetarian again 🙁 lol

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