The Elusive “Enough”

How do you know when enough is enough? What do we need to do to reach a point in life where we know we’ve done enough, made enough, helped enough, grown enough? Is it ever-changing, like the seasons? Or can we pin down a number, a time, or a set of criteria that when reached, will feel like fulfillment or as though we’ve crossed the finish line?

How much love is enough love to last a lifetime? When do we know we’ve met the person who, when our minds and beauty have left us, will still look into our eyes with adoration? Is it enough to love for just a short time, and move on?

How much success is enough? When do our achievements become enough? When one goal is met, a new one is made, reaching farther, higher, bigger, better.

How much money is enough? Should we constantly reach for more? Does security come at an ever-increasing point? Will there be enough just in case? How will we ever know when we have made enough when the bar keeps being raised?

How much should we tolerate before drawing the line? How much do we take, how much should we bend? How much before we break?

How much dreaming is enough?  How many memories are enough? How much time is enough?

Enough is unreachable, undefinable, unattainable.

Enough will never, ever be enough.

The elusive enough.

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