I have lots to tell you all about our road trip to Disneyworld, but I’m taking a little time today to relax and feel thankful. I’m thankful for so many things:

– that we had a safe journey to Orlando
– that we had a truly wonderful holiday at Disneyworld
– that my parents were along to enjoy every moment with us and the kids
– that we made it home safely

We had been relatively unplugged during the holiday, and heard only snippets of news about Hurricane Sandy, and weren’t really aware of how severe the storm would be.

We were at Disneyworld from October 21st – 28th and had intended to stay overnight with my parents on the 28th, hit up the local outlet mall, then head home. Ryan decided we should probably get a head start on driving on the 28th, to be sure we would be home by the 30th, and I begrudgingly agreed.

Had we not made that one adjustment, we would have been driving in the thick of the storm all the way up to Toronto. Had I pushed Ryan to stay overnight, things would be so different. We spent the last day at Disneyworld, dropped my parents off at an Orlando hotel (they were heading to Vegas for a few days), and got about five hours of driving behind us that night.

We were on the front edge of it all. All the way through North Carolina, through the West Virginia mountains, and through to Toronto late last night.  We listened to the news of the storm, and I read tweets and saw photos of the flooding in New York. The winds were terrifying at times (like the haunting howling while crossing the Peace Bridge), and the pelting rain made visibility low. It was a little scary, but we were confident that being on the leading edge was better than being trapped somewhere (like in the mountains, in the coming blizzards) far from home was worse. If we’d ever thought we were unsafe, we’d have pulled off the road.

We made it home safely late last night, to a home none the worst for wear from the storm.

And when I woke to see the images of all the places we passed through just two days ago. . . the damage, the injuries, the destruction. . . I’m so thankful to be home safe.

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2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Welcome home! So glad to hear that you made it home safe and you have so many Disney memories. We love Disney, went there for our honeymoon and also with the kids. Can’t wait to hear about your trip, when you are ready 🙂

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