Take that meatloaf & Sandwich It! (plus a giveaway!)

UPDATE: Congratulations to Paula R. and Marla P. ! You’re the winners of this giveaway. Check your inboxes!

Disclosure: As part of the Maple Leaf® Connects program, I’m writing this post about using our leftovers in sandwiches. As usual, this is something we already do, with or without a cool opportunity like this one, or I wouldn’t write about it. We already buy these products, we already make these recipes, and it just happens that I’m a part of a great, fitting program that compensates me, and offers a giveaway to you all!

I’m really not a fan of leftovers unless they can be cleverly disguised as not leftovers. So if I’m eating them, you know it must be good. This weekend, Ryan made a really great meatloaf (his first!), that the kids gobbled up like crazy. With some leftover, I started planning for Monday’s lunches. I present to you, the delicious, divine, and not at all leftovery…

The Ultimate MLB (meatloaf, lettuce, bacon)

Start with some Dempster’s Bakery Whole Grains bread. We like the 12 grain stuff, and I took this picture to show you that I didn’t buy the loaf just to make this sandwich. My ratty old bag of bread was best before three days ago, but it’s Sunday night and I had a busy weekend! I didn’t get out to do the grocery shopping so I’m using what we had, that’s right, leftover.

Cook up two three pieces of bacon.
 (I wish I’d added another slice. Two slices was one too few.) I’m ashamed to admit this, but I popped these in the microwave to make them because, as I said, it’s Sunday and I had a busy weekend! I don’t feel like washing another pan right now.
Thinly slice the leftover meatloaf.

Butter the bread. I don’t care what some people say. . . a good sandwich needs butter on the bread! Ok, I won’t argue, but if you come over and you’re fed a sandwich, be prepared for the butter. Add a bit of mustard (I prefer dijon or grainy) on the bread.

Lay one piece of crispy romaine lettuce on the bread. None of the wilty bits will do (we give those to our guinea pigs because come on, who wants to eat wilty lettuce? Maybe my leftover-loving husband. . .)

Add the bacon and meatloaf to the sandwich and this is the delicious result:

Then, delicately and lovingly set it aside for tomorrow’s lunch.

Wait a second! I turned my back for two minutes and this is what I found:

Checking out that sandwich-eating grin. Guess he can worry about the lunches for tomorrow. I’m heading to the couch. 😉

Oh wait! I have something for you guys. Dempster’s has generously given me ten coupons. I’m going to randomly select two people to receive five coupons each. Each coupon is good for one Canada Bread Product FREE! That includes Dempster’s , Villagio, Sun-Maid and more! All you have to do to enter is jump through ten hoops, fill out some confusing form, sell me your soul and tell all your friends.

Just kidding. Leave me a comment telling me your favourite sandwich and on Friday, November 30th at 9am, I will randomly choose two winners to be notified by email.



(p.s. You, too, can connect with the great folks at Dempsters on Twitter or Facebook. They’ve got really great promotions and meal ideas so hop on over and say hello.)

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21 thoughts on “Take that meatloaf & Sandwich It! (plus a giveaway!)

  1. A friend recently gave me a giant wheel of brie leftover from a party (she’s lactose intolerant) and after a few days I was really struggling to find new uses for it. So I hopped online and found a recipe for turkey, brie and avocado sandwiches on baguette. The sandwich was grilled like a grilled cheese, only instead of butter on the outside of the sandwich, I spread pesto on the bread. IT WAS FANTASTIC!

  2. My favouriest (yes, that IS a word – at least in my world it is) sammich would have to be mustard on one side, pesto on the other, turkey, some sort of white cheese, and tomatoes toasted in the toaster oven. I also put sliced cucumbers in just before eating. Holy yummo. I’m hungry for lunch now and it’s only 9:51am. Dang you, Alex!

  3. My favorite sandwich is an old favorite, the club house. The 3 slices of toasted white dempsters bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, chicken, a slice of cheese and mayo. Delicious.

  4. I love turkey bacon sandwiches on whole wheat. I spread bicks zesty onion on one side of the bread then 4 strips of turkey bacon, lettuce, mustard, sliced pickles and hot pepper spread by bicks on the other slice. 🙂

  5. I’m a very plain-jane kind of girl but I think I would actually eat your meatloaf sandwich recipe! I have 3 favorite sandwiches: grilled cheese, pb & j, and salami with cheese and some Miracle Whip. Boy oh boy, I’m a real adventurist aren’t I?

  6. I love a good club house sandwich! Turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Add some mayo to your toasted bread and you’re all set!

  7. BLT’s without the T…so yeah, just bacon and lettuce. Or grilled cheese with marble cheese (not a fan of the processed slices).

    But my FAVE use for bread is French Toast! Gotta add cinnamon and vanilla to the eggs/milk…DELISH!

  8. My favorite sandwich is my summer picnic sandwich…mountain grain bread, swiss cheese, shaved turkey breast, tomato and lettuce!

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