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What’s your parenting metaphor?

We recently took our kids to an amusement park, where there are rides all geared to the under-10 crowd. It’s..

Dear Mama of The Crying Child

Dear Mama of The Crying Child

When my son was just three years old, I walked him to kindergarten. I was ready for him to go,..

You’re the sing in my song

Today I held you in the pool, tightly against my body, memorizing the way the moment felt. I watched your..

The Right Thing to Say When Someone Mentions Parenting Choices, Breastfeeding, Circumcision and More…

So you’re with a soon-to-be Dad and he mentions that they’ll be circumcising their son. What do you say? You..

All the things they said

“Oh you have such skinny arms. Such little skinny arms.” It was an off-handed comment to my daughter, while a..

I’ll follow you into the dark

Yesterday at school, my seven-year-old daughter said something she wished she could take back the moment it escaped her lips…

Parenting Advice from… Alanis Morissette?

I’m not gonna lie, I spent a lot of time listening to Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill in university. Maybe..

All the things I cannot remember

I don’t remember when my daughter rolled over for the first time, despite being so excited when she did it…

Is being a stay-at-home Mom hurting my kids?

When I was little, my Mom stayed home with me. She had some part time jobs (usually she was self-employed),..

I’ve eaten a dictionary’s worth of words

Before I was a parent, I’d see them struggling in malls with their cranky, annoying offspring and wonder why they..