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The Right Thing to Say When Someone Mentions Parenting Choices, Breastfeeding, Circumcision and More…

So you’re with a soon-to-be Dad and he mentions that they’ll be circumcising their son. What do you say? You..

Would we be happier without the internet?

I’ve often said I found “my people” online. I found a community of introverts who love conversing at a distance…

It’s a shame about all that shaming

“Shaming” is the new hotness, isn’t it? You can’t speak an opinion these days without it being some kind of..

On Bullying, Opinions, and Pitchforks

My dear Internet, it appears we have a lot to talk about, doesn’t it? First, let’s clear up some definitions…

You speak for you, I speak for me

The internet is where I found My People. I found the ones happy to communicate via text and not over..

Everyone hates Braggy McBrags

The other day, I ignored a man at a street corner begging for change with a sign that said, “God..