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Ten Things About Which I Give Zero F*cks

Ten Things About Which I Give Zero F*cks

  There are plenty of arguments to be made about giving fewer f*cks, but also, so many to be made..



A clinical psychologist friend of mine posted this interesting article on her practice’s Facebook page, and it really hit home for..

So your kid hurt my kid

Seldom is there more anger than when a mama bear’s cub gets injured. Should a fellow kindergartener toss out a..

All the things they said

“Oh you have such skinny arms. Such little skinny arms.” It was an off-handed comment to my daughter, while a..

I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that

Once upon a time, I enjoyed talking on the phone. Of course, that was when I still enjoyed having my..

Mother’s Day from an Adoptee’s Perspective

Mother’s Day from an Adoptee’s Perspective

  When a person is born blind, they know no other way. They don’t know the pain of having sight..

I’ve got the stay at home mom blues

I’ve spent the last 2,731 days as a stay-at-home mom. For awhile, I was an on-maternity-leave mom, and for awhile..

In praise of selfies

I think what the selfie has given us is the ability to share about ourselves what we most want the..

Let’s Talk About That Cronut Burger

Today, I read that a few people got sick at the CNE after eating a “Cronut Burger”. What’s that, you..

“You can’t un-sellout.”

“You can’t un-sellout.” Those are my words, they’re something I stood by for years. Would I sell my blogging soul for..