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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Table & Gifts

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Table & Gifts

In our family, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all kinds of love. It’s not just about some random commercial..

**~ CLOSED ~** Little Heroes FLASH GIVEAWAY!

I was recently on my local Rogers Daytime program, doing a double segment on how people in Durham Region can..

**~ CLOSED ~** Stuff Story & Mason Like: Hexbug Circuit Boards RC Skateboard Skate Park Set at Mastermind Toys

You know the dress that looks pretty dull on the hanger, but you throw in the cart to try on..

How to Make Bicycle Streamers

Last summer, I saw Alex’s post on her blog, Northstory, about making her own bike streamers and pinned it immediately…

Handmade Holidays: 2013 Ladies’ Gift Guide

This year, my goal is to buy and make as many handmade gifts as possible. I’m a fairly crafty person,..

Christmas Popcorn

This year I’ve baked enough to feed everyone on my street, but somehow when I turned around tonight, there’s nary..

My daughter, the artist: Master Kitz at Mastermind Toys!

Like most families, we have plenty of toys around for our kids to play with. And like most parents, I..