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Pitchin’ Ain’t Easy

It’s taken me years, but I’ve finally figured out what this blog’s all about. I’m a personal essay blogger, sharing..

If You Pay Crap, Expect Crap in Return

If You Pay Crap, Expect Crap in Return

I blog because I feel compelled to share opinions here, to share my creative work, and also to connect with..

How to Network at Conferences When You’re an Introvert

Back in 2010 I signed up to attend my very first blogger conference. BlissDom Canada changed everything for me. I’ve been..

Why I love BlissDom Canada

When I was really little, I wanted to be a diner waitress. I loved gingham, and aprons, and thought it..

How Blogging is Like Orange is the New Black

There’s a (really good) chance I’ve spent too long thinking about this, but I think that we bloggers have an..

I spy, with my little eye. . .

Privacy. It’s something we talk about so much more now that the internet is a part of our daily lives…

“You can’t un-sellout.”

“You can’t un-sellout.” Those are my words, they’re something I stood by for years. Would I sell my blogging soul for..

“Haters gonna hate”

The glorious thing about the internet is that no matter the problem (ingrown hairs? cranky toddler? whatthef*&#isthatlump? best sushi in..

Blogging is (definitely not) DEAD.

I’ve been reading a lot of tweets, blog posts and articles about the “state of blogging” lately. In fact, I..

Is resistance futile?

What was it that Margaret Thatcher said? “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people..