SunRype FruitActiv Totally Made my Mornings!

I don’t know who you people are who wake up refreshed at 5am, prepare a healthy breakfast for your entire family, eat it in peace, place those amazing lunches (that you packed the night before) into your kids’ backpacks and slowly meander off to school. In my house it’s more like GETUPGETDRESSEDGETFEDGETOUTTHEDOORRIGHTNOW! And in that rush, I’m often left hungry, which has led to some less-than-awesome brunch choices for me.

When I tried SunRype FruitActiv™ bars and juices, I had no idea just how much I’d love them. I don’t usually eat snack bars (because let’s face it, most of them aren’t much more than glorified treats), and we don’t often buy fruit juices here (we choose whole fruits over juices typically). But I’m telling you, these products are de-li-cious. And nutritious. I could throw a bunch of facts at you — like, they contain lutein, beta-glucan, polyphenols and more, but if you’re like me, you probably have no idea what any of those things do for your body. So let me explain a little.

The juices taste fantastic, and have been amazing additions to our smoothies around here. They’re also great because there’s no added sugar, but they’re full of great things like antioxidants, calcium and vitamin D.

SunRype FruitActiv™ juices are delicious and healthy!

I tried three flavours of SunRype FruitActiv™ juices: Blackberry Pomegranate (packed with those antioxidants!), Pineapple Orange Guava (with lutein, which nourishes our eyes as we age), and Orange Tangerine (loaded with calcium and vitamin D to help build and maintain strong bones and teeth). Since none of us really gets enough vit D, this is  the perfect addition to our diets, and since I don’t get enough calcium elsewhere, I love that this juice contains it, but isn’t too sweet or acidic.

And check out the SunRype FruitActiv™ bars. Even their texture is different from most prepackaged snack bars.

SunRype FruitActiv™ Apple Cinnamon

They’re filling, delicious and dense (and they’re also safe for my nut- and peanut-allergic son, which is an awesome bonus!), and are a fantastic way for me to make sure I’m getting healthy food into me when I’m rushing around in the morning.

The two bar flavours I tried were Apple Cinnamon and Mango Twist. The apple cinnamon flavour is from the Healthy Heart line — they contain 25% of the daily amount of fibre shown to help lower cholesterol! The Mango Twist flavour contains beta-glucan, which I’m told boosts immunity, and I’m gonna take it because I catch every one of my kids’ colds, every single school year.

SunRype FruitActiv™ bars

The best part was reading the ingredients. All SunRype products contain no preservatives, artificial, colours, or flavours, which is a far sight better than the majority of similar snacks on the market. And guess what else? They contain no peanut or tree nut ingredients so they’re safe for my allergic son, and a great addition to my kids’ lunches, too!

SunRype FruitActiv™ bars contain no peanut or tree nut ingredients

For more information about the SunRype line, find them on FacebookPinterest and Instagram! And if you’re interested, share some of your photos with SunRype, because they love seeing them. If you share on Instagram with the #SunRype hashtag you could be the lucky fan whose photo is re-shared and you’ll receive fun coupons for free SunRype products!

Cheers to good health!

cheers to good health with SunRype FruitActiv™



Disclosure This post was sponsored by SunRype FruitActiv™, but all opinions and photos are my own. 

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