**~ CLOSED ~** Stuff Story & Mason Like: Hexbug Circuit Boards RC Skateboard Skate Park Set at Mastermind Toys

You know the dress that looks pretty dull on the hanger, but you throw in the cart to try on anyhow, and then when you do try it on, it fits you absolutely perfectly, and ohmygosh, the hanger did nothing to show off how amazing this dress is!? This toy is like that.

Flipping through the Mastermind Toys holiday guide is to my kids what the Consumer’s Distributing catalogue was for me as a kid — it’s a wonderland of every cool toy possible. Santa knows he need only make one stop to make their wishes come true Christmas morning. And usually I look at the toys and think, “YES! I totally get why that’s awesome!” and I kinda want it, too, but with this toy, nope. I did a big head shake and told Mason there was no way this thing is as cool as it sounds.

I was so wrong.

Mastermind Toys sent Story and Mason this Tony Hawk RC skateboard park set (by Hexbug) and upon first glance, I was seriously underwhelmed. I mean, how fun can a bunch of plastic ramps be with a teeny little remote controlled skateboard?

HexBug Tony Hawk RC Skateboard Skate Park Review courtesy Mastermind Toys


Mason (who just turned 5) was the one who spotted the toy in the gift guide and added it to his Christmas wish list. When it arrived before Christmas, you can imagine his glee. He set up the ramps (after a little instruction from Story) and I put the skateboard together.

HexBug RC Skateboard Skate Park Review


Screwing on the truck and wheels of the HexBug Tony Hawk RC Skateboard

It took at bit of practice (and a few, “THIS IS HARRRRRRRRRD” comments from both kids), but once they understood how the remote control works to move the skateboard, they challenged each other to do tricks, like this:

They also love just using the skateboard on the floor (and tormenting our very small dog with it).

The set sells for $59.99 at Mastermind Toys, and I can tell you that kids definitely get the money’s worth out of the set. I would definitely stick to the 8+ age recommendation, though, because at just 5 years old, Mason needs quite a bit of encouragement to keep trying. Learning to use the remote is tricky!

So this one is a total win, and I think my kids will be getting extra RC skateboards to use in their skate park for Christmas this year!

And guess what? I’ve got a $50 gift card for Mastermind Toys to give to one lucky winner, too! Perfect timing for finishing off your holiday shopping, right? And if you don’t happen to win this one, stay tuned because I’ve got ANOTHER one to give away soon!

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Disclosure: My kids received toys as compensation for writing this review, and one lucky winner will receive a $50 gift card to use at Mastermind Toys. My opinions, as always, are my own.

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32 thoughts on “**~ CLOSED ~** Stuff Story & Mason Like: Hexbug Circuit Boards RC Skateboard Skate Park Set at Mastermind Toys

  1. I was so excited when Mastermind Toys opened a store in my city. Before then, I used to page through their online store and dream about which toys my girls would want to open Christmas morning. Even more fun when I can see the toys in person before buying! With $50, I would buy the latest Lego set for my girls to share.

  2. Hexbugs are popular in our house so I can imagine this toy would be a fun variation. Love, love, love Mastermind.

  3. With this gift card, I’d actually buy this very toy – the skate park! My daughter loves hexbugs, and loves skateboarding, and this is the absolute perfect thing. Am actually considering taking back the thing I actually did buy her in favour of this. Awesome!

  4. It looks really cool! Plus, I remember drooling over the Consumers catalogue. I used to love going in to order because all their catalogue pages had that smooth covering over every single page.

  5. My oldest daughter has asked for a trip to Mastermind Toys for her birthday, so the gift card would be perfect for her!

  6. My son has asked for a plasma car every year and I have been to sensible to buy him one.. maybe this would be my incentive to give in.

  7. I think my dude would love that skateboard set so that might be what I’d get. Mastermind has so many cool toys to choose from though, it would be tough to choose.

  8. If i won this gift card I would buy the

    VTech Go Go Smart Animals Tree House Hideaway

  9. Who doesn’t love Mastermind Toys? Seriously, I buy more things for me at Mastermind than I do for my kids! Ha!

    They have 2 different solar robot kits we’ve had our eyes on and I’d buy 1 (or 2!) of each!

  10. My 3 year old could get one of the other Clifford science kits. She loves the Rainbow science one she has now

  11. I love Mastermind Toys! The store has absolutely everything a child needs! I would buy my son a Thomas and Friends train set. He loves Thomas!!!

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