Stuff Story Likes: Jill Yoga

If you know my daughter Story, you know she’s got her own amazing sense of style, and it leans heavily on comfort factor. She was offered the chance to try a few pieces from Jill Yoga, and I really can’t imagine a better line for her to try out! I love that Jill Yoga offers girls from 2 to 14 these adorable, trendy pieces at affordable prices. Because let’s face it — kids’ active wear can cost a pretty penny, and the last thing I feel like investing money in is something they outgrow so quickly! But I also dislike items that are poorly made, so it’s often tough to find well-made products at good prices. Jill Yoga succeeds in both areas!

I also love that they’re active supporters of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada, and a portion of their proceeds goes to the the Go Girls! initiative. They really walk the walk, supporting initiatives that support our youth.

What’s more, their clothes cover what they should cover. There are no super low-cut waistlines, or super high-cut shorts. No cropped tops. No inappropriate sayings across their butts. They’re happy, comfortable, easy-to-move-in clothes that reinforce their company motto: Be Active. Be Bold. Be You.

Story was really excited to get her new clothes, and put them on immediately. She was excited to wear them to school, too, and show her friends her new “comfies”. And here’s something thrilling for me: she actually wears her new pyjamas. She NEVER wears PJs, so this says a lot. She loves them because they’re adorable and comfortable, and she usually finds that sleeping in pyjamas is restrictive and too hot.

Their pants are accented with adorable printed waistbands, and the jackets have thumbholes! Those are the two things that Story mentioned, other than her pants being “the comfiest ever”.

I think this is awkward tree with puppy pose, or something.
I think this is “awkward tree with puppy photobomb” pose, or something.

She has added a number of their items to her Christmas list, too, including a pair of the Jogging Leggings, and another hooded jacket. At those prices, I have no problem surprising her with them on Christmas morning!

These definitely get the Story stamp of approval!

If you’d like to check them out, you can visit them online at, or say hi on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

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