*~CLOSED~* Spring Cleaning Yourself with this Church & Dwight Giveaway!

*~CLOSED~* Spring Cleaning Yourself with this Church & Dwight Giveaway!

Look, I’m writing this in the hopes that spring actually does arrive. I’ve cleaned my house in good faith that the next season will arrive, but I admit I’m not feeling super confident since it’s mid-April and there’s snow on the ground outside my office window.

Every spring, we change the furnace filter, give the house a good scrub, open the windows to air it all out, and change over the kids’ clothes. It’s a spring thing, this urge to purge. We donate what we can, sell some other things, and it all feels like a new beginning around here.

But what about us? What about ourselves? It’s four months into the new year — how are those resolutions holding up? It’s ok if they’ve fallen by the wayside, I think you’re perfect just the way you are. But here’s an idea: why not spring clean yourself this year?

It’s not about losing weight, it’s not about fitting into those jeans, it’s about taking care of your health, and setting aside time just for you. Personally, I find blow drying my hair luxurious — who has time for that? So it’s not hard for me to find pleasure in the simple things. I take vitamins that make me feel healthier, I refresh my wardrobe, and I finally shave my legs after winter’s hibernation.

I want to help you get spring cleaned, so check out this fun Church & Dwight gift basket you can win!

Gift basket includes:

  • Vitafusion™ Women’s Complete Multivitamin
  • Vitafusion™ Men’s Complete Multivitamin
  • L’il Critters™ Gummy Vites™
  • Ella Henderson for Batiste™ Dry Shampoo
  • OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover (not pictured)
  • Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Paste (not pictured)
  • Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Clean & Fresh Battery Brush (not pictured)
  • Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Paw Patrol Battery Brush (not pictured)
  • Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Disney Descendants Battery Brush (not pictured)
  • Nair™ Wax Ready-Strips Legs & Body (not pictured)


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17 thoughts on “*~CLOSED~* Spring Cleaning Yourself with this Church & Dwight Giveaway!

  1. My favourite thing about springtime is the warmer weather and being able to get the kids outside more!

  2. I just love the warmer weather and not having to put boots, hats and mitts on everyday!

  3. My favourite thing about Spring time is the blooming of the flowers! Finally something more colourful in our garden.

  4. I love being able to open every window in the home and change the air as well as have the fresh scent come in.

  5. My favorite thing about springtime is all the flowers in bloom and the blue jays that nest in our trees…love to watch them 🙂

  6. I can’t wait for warm days that I can be outdoors having my coffee! I’ve over being cold…lol

  7. What I love most about springtime would be seeing the flowers starting to come up and the warmer weather.

  8. My favourite thing about springtime is getting out in the warmer weather & working in my veggie garden!!

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