Sponsored: 3 Awesome Reasons to Switch to Toronto Hydro eBills

Fact: Being awesome at bills has never been easier.

Online bills make life so much easier. On vacation? Forgot to pay that one bill? Just check your email or log in and get your balance from your phone! That’s right, you’ve literally got the skills to pay the bills… from anywhere!

Not only are eBills so much more convenient, they’re also an environmentally friendly choice — imagine all the paper we’re saving not having bills printed and mailed to us?

If you’re in Toronto, the reasons to sign up for Toronto Hydro eBills just got even sweeter — this awesome promotion from Toronto Hydro will seal the deal for you.

Sign up today to switch to eBills for your Toronto Hydro account and they’ll send you some free dish detergent (while supplies last)! Good stuff, too. Either Cascade Platinum or Dawn Ultra.  And, while you’re lovin’ up that free detergent, you can dream about the new ENERGY STAR dishwasher you’ve got a chance of winning, since you’ll also get an entry to win one just for making the eBills switch. And, you’ll even get 100 PowerLens points, to boot.

So let’s sum this up:

  1. You’ll be cutting out the paper and the fuel to deliver the bill, which saves the environment;
  2. You’ll save some dollars by getting some free dish detergent, and possibly even a new, energy efficient ENERGY STAR dishwasher, which saves you money and makes you just a little richer; and
  3. You’ll grab 100 PowerLens points on the way by!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for eBills at torontohydro.com/signup. Or are you one of those people who hates being rich and saving the planet?

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