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Sometimes, it’s a #DadFail Kinda Day

by Ryan Durrell

I’ve been told there are piles of books you can read to prepare you for parenthood, and I think I may have even seen a couple before, but I couldn’t tell you if there’s anything useful inside them. As a dad, I take gleeful pride in muddling my way through just about everything. (Except Ikea furniture and Lego-building  — those demand keen instruction following.)

Now, you might be saying, “Surely, Ryan, you’ve got keen parental instincts which guide you in those tricky situations we all face?”

Nope. Not really.

I mean, if I did any research, I might have known it was a good idea to re-watch the movies I saw as a kid in the 80s before showing them to my kids. Let me explain: have you seen Goonies lately? How about Ghostbusters? Both are full of innuendo, swear words, and totally inappropriate content for kids age 7 and 10, which, hey, just happen to be my kids’ ages. But did I let them watch all these (and more)? I sure did!

How about some of the themes in Back to the Future? I think I must’ve been less observant as a kid, because I don’t remember any of these scenes, but my kids sure notice them now, and love repeating them in great detail back to anyone who’ll listen.

How about the  culturally insensitive (and sexist!) Indiana Jones flicks? Who Framed Roger Rabbit, anyone?

I don’t know what parents were thinking back in the 80s, letting us watch all those movies, but here we are. I thought I’d be sharing some happy childhood memories with the kids, but I can now take credit for inadvertently introducing my kids to a plethora of curse words, and inappropriate themes. What’s more, thanks to Austin Powers, I can’t even tell the kids to behave without hearing snickers.

(These are the moments we’ll laugh about later, right?)

I’m not saying they’re my shining moments, and I admit that I drop the parenting ball on occasion. While I’m happy to wing it on some things, vaccinating my kids is something I never mess with.  No book could help me select the right response for every parenting situation. I don’t believe there’s any one-size-fits-all approach to this whole parenting thing.

What I can tell you, is that I take my kids’ health seriously, especially when it comes to vaccinations. I have plenty of #dadfail moments, #butIvaccinate, so I know they’re protected against a lot of very serious, but preventable diseases.


Disclosure: This post is part of the #butIvaccinate campaign. More information about vaccinations can be found at The opinions expressed here are ours, as always, and our strong stand that vaccinating children is important is one we’ve always spoken about.

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