Some Stuff I Just Don’t Get


There’s no real reason to this post, just a random smattering of things I really don’t understand. Like ketchup sandwiches… I don’t get those. Worrying about what other people are up to when it has nothing to do with you… I don’t get it.

Here’s a list of some other stuff I just don’t get.

– big game hunting
– wearing scarves in the summer
– short sleeved hoodie sweaters
– animal cruelty
– handguns in homes
– math
– duck face
– how the human brain really works
– restaurants that use happy animals in their ads (there is NO pig out there that’s overjoyed you’re chowing down on its ribs, I’m sure of it)
– people who leave mean comments on the internet
– people who harm children
– wearing pants halfway down your ass
– wearing shoes that are two sizes too small
– why people work so hard to keep lawns weed-free and super green
– wearing flip flops on the subway
– eating food that’s still alive
– my husband’s method of filling the dishwasher
– life

What are some things you just don’t get?

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10 thoughts on “Some Stuff I Just Don’t Get

  1. Flip flops on subway. Explain. We have the worst lawn on the street because our kids roll around on it. No pesticides or weed killers are happening because of it.

    1. Flip flops in the city, is more like it. They’re no better than being barefoot! So filthy! Barf.

  2. I don’t get:

    – kids who won’t sleep when they are tired
    – parents who obsess over playground safety but feed their kids sugary, salty, nutritionally-devoid food three meals a day
    – the quadratic formula
    – Pinterest
    – singing competition shows
    – Nicholas Sparks books / movies

  3. Ooohh! I love the randomness of this post!

    I don’t get:
    -passive aggressive SM posts about spouses
    -tanning beds
    -spending copious amounts of attention and energy on a wedding and zero on the actual marriage
    -chemical weed killer
    -hyphens 😉

  4. Things I don’t get…
    – touchscreens
    – the compulsion people have to insert themselves into other people’s business
    – ego
    – why we all have so much stuff.
    – Game of Thrones and otherwise brutal TV
    – gas prices
    – infinity
    – how embryos turn into living, breathing people. Like, how does that even happen?
    – mean people

  5. Wearing flip flops at all (even the sound they make grosses me out)
    Also those shoes that separate all your toes.
    People who spend an hour to get makeup on to go Costco or Walmart
    People who treat disabled kids as if they’re deaf and make mean comments.

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