Soft Pastels as Hair Chalk

soft pastels as hair chalk (1)

Here’s a little departure for me: I’m sharing a fun “beauty” DIY today. My daughter recently had her first haircut at a non-kids’ salon, and the awesome gal who does my colour offered to do some hair chalking for her. Story loved it! Mason, too, as matter of fact. Now, I’ve been colouring my hair for more than a couple decades now, so I’m not bothered by their interest in hair colour, but I really don’t want them having anything permanent. So this was a perfect option!

Hair chalk kits sell for almost $10 for just one colour, so I started looking around online for other options. Turns out, soft pastels work the same way. Soft pastels are rather chalky, brightly-pigmented artists’ tools. (Do NOT confuse them with their cousins: oil pastels. You definitely don’t want to use these stickier, oilier ones.) And don’t bother trying this with  regular chalk, it doesn’t work. You need the soft pastels.

I bought this package for about $6 at Michael’s. See? It says right on the package: Soft pastels. Have I emphasized that enough? Soft. Pastels.

soft pastels as hair chalk

My kids both have light brown hair, so I dampened their hair to help the pigment stick to it and really show the colours. In blonde hair, pigment will take more firmly so it may take more washings to get it all out if you’re using something really vibrant. In darker hair, you’ll want to rub more onto the hair to get the colour to really pop.


Soft pastels are pretty dusty so we chose to apply the colours in our tiled bathroom, with a towel near by.


Step One: Dampen the hair (I used a little spray bottle of water to mist the kids’ hair.

Step Two: Section the hair you’re ready to colour, twist it, and take the pastel of your choice and start rubbing. Within a couple strokes, the colour will transfer onto the hair. The twisting makes it a LOT easier to apply, and less messy than just rubbing flat hair.

Step Three: Once you’ve finished applying all the colours you want, you’ll want to give the hair a brush to remove any excess powder. And that’s it! Done! It’s super fast.

Here’s a photo of Mason with his “Rainbow Dash” hair:

mason hair chalkHere’s Story sporting her sassy pink and purple ‘do, with a very now Spider-Man bandaid on her face.

story hair chalk

NOTE: The pigment WILL transfer onto white pillow cases, so protect yours if you need to. (It does wash out in the laundry.) Without washing, the colours last about two days, but are easily removed with shampooing (or, in our case, swimming). Oh, and the pastels are rather drying, so a nice spritz of leave-in conditioner won’t hurt.

I have to admit that I’m pretty excited to try this in my own hair! Hot pink, maybe? No, purple. Or blue. Or rainbow. . .

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